Well, hey there!  Shelley Montgomery is my name, and vibrant, emotional wedding photography is my game. Eight years after shooting my first wedding and five years after launching full time into Shelley Elena Photography, I've had the honor of photographing over 100 weddings.  In the middle of all those weddings, I had one of my own and married my handsome engineering mountain, Brad.  We live in southwest Austin with our feisty cat, Luna (who you'll see frequently on my Instagram), and love playing nerdy board games, rock climbing, and feeding the cows that wander up to our back fence. 

I see beauty everywhere and for as long as I can remember I've wanted to capture it.  In middle school that meant lots of rhyming poetry (no, you can't read it), and in high school that meant art, but unfortunately I wasn't very good at either of those. In college, I picked up a camera and saw that I could used it to communicate the things I found so beautiful and open up other people's eyes to the magic of dust motes and sun shining through leaves.  Needless to say, I was hooked.   As I matured and learned to see the great value not only in nature's beauty, but also in awesome human beings, photography became a way to combine those two passions and honor the uniqueness of each person I encountered.

Sometimes we need somebody else to show us our beauty because we can't see it ourselves and I get to do that every day.  After shooting a wedding, my feet will be killing me and my back will be begging for mercy, but my heart is saying, "let's do it again, let's do it again!!!"  I can't imagine doing anything else and hope that I get to capture the magic of your love!