Jenna & Andrew: Intimate Chapel Dulcinea Wedding

I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll never stop encouraging couples to have the wedding they want, not the wedding they see on wedding blogs or in magazines. If you want a giant celebration in the goat pasture of your childhood home (like me), do it! Just warn people that Texas does have fire ants and there’s only so much you can do about it. If you want a raging party that promises to keep people dancing for hours, do it! After shooting several such weddings I can recommend some killer live bands that bring the fun. If you just want to have a quiet ceremony with your family and a few favorite people, do it! That’s what Jenna & Andrew did and I love how carefree they looked as they walked hand in hand to the chapel. With less than twenty people in attendance at Chapel Dulcinea, every guest was able to participate in a ring warming ceremony, holding the wedding bands and passing along the love they carry for Jenna & Andrew. I hope you can feel how peaceful the day was through the photos!

Iceland 2017: A Whirlwind Ring Road Babymoon

Settle in with your choice of beverage, because this is going to be a long one!  To set the scene, in  late April of 2017 I found out that I hadn't won a National Geographic photo contest I'd been a strong contender in.  The prize was a trip to the Galapagos Islands and I was pretty bummed about it until two days later when I found out I was pregnant! Thanks to the Zika virus, I wouldn't have been able to go on the trip anyways!  Right around that time, we received an invitation to a wedding in Iceland at the end of August.  That invite planted the seed for a great adventure before our little one made his appearance.  

So just as Hurricane Harvey hit the coast, we changed our flight and boarded a plane 29 hours early (hello last minute packing) and escaped before the storm got to Austin.  The trip started more quickly than expected and we didn't slow down from the moment our feet touched the ground in Iceland.  In fact, I got to check off one of my two bucket list items before we even landed.  As we flew over the dark ocean somewhere near Greenland, Brad notice that the lights in the window were more than just reflection- they were dancing green streaks of the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky.  I dove across Brad's lap to plaster my face against the window and soak up the magic.  

Pro-tip: When flying to Iceland, sit on the left side.  If it's night, maybe you'll see the Northern Lights, and if it's day, you'll get to see Greenland!  

Day 1: Like I said, we hit the ground running and after picking up our car, immediately started north on the drive to Akureyri.  It was the least dramatic part of our journey, but you can see it was still stunning!  The weather changed minute by minute and we saw so many rainbows in the first hour!

Pro-tip: Jet lag SUCKS on that first day, so be prepared to pull over and take a nap if you feel like driving isn't safe.  Aka we definitely took several car naps.

Day 2: The next morning, we woke up early to drive to Husavik, where we boarded a sailboat for whale watching!  I've never been sea sick in my life, but it turns out being 5 months pregnant on a boat is pretty tough to deal with, so I spent part of the trip huddled up against the mast, but being so close to a humpback whale was amazing!  

Pro-tip: North Sailing was a great company to do the tour with!  There was something so timeless about that big sail boat in the middle of a foggy bay, plus they were very kind to this seasick pregnant lady and gave us hot chocolate. 

As we drove away from the fjords of northern Iceland, the landscape changed dramatically and we quickly felt like we were on Mars.  The stop at Grjotagja Cave was probably my favorite experience of the trip.  There's nothing like descending into a small rocky hole in the ground to discover a turquoise pool almost bubbling with sulphurous heat.

Pro-tip: A little further down from the main cave is a second, smaller cave that's much less busy!  P.S. Yes, I did ask a random couple if I could take their photo.  We met lots of cool people that way and it makes me less of a stalker since I sent them the photos later, right?

Iceland has a million waterfalls, and about 50 of them are famous, so you kind of have to pick and choose which ones you want to see since most of them are spread out across the country.  We decided to make sure to see Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe.  The whole area sat immersed in a cloud, but the oppressive mist couldn't hide the thundering torrent of water before us.  Dettifoss was our last major stop that day, so the rest of the day was spent making our way to our Airbnb in Eskifjorthur in the east fjords. 

Pro-tip: there are very few public bathrooms in Iceland in general and even less in the more remote northern areas of the Ring Road.  If there is a bathroom, use it, because otherwise you might be trying to find a place to pee on the side of the road where there are zero trees to hide behind.  I've never been more thankful to see a portapotty than when we pulled up to the Dettifoss parking lot.

Day 3: First of all, note that it's only our 3rd day in Iceland and we already drove half of the Ring Road!  Honestly, I don't recommend doing it quite as fast.  I wish we had more time to stop and explore random places because Iceland has so much to offer and it always felt like we were rushing to get to our next destination.  Eastern Iceland had some of my favorite terrain- the dark mountains sank into fjords that glittered with small towns, each valley dripped with waterfalls, and the ocean was always just around the corner.  Glaciers suddenly appeared when we left the fjords and made our way down the southern coast, and that's nothing to be mad about either!  

Pro-tip: We loved staying in Airbnbs all along the Ring Road!  They're pretty prevalent and we usually paid around $100 a night for a private room in a house with other travelers.  While sharing a house with strangers seemed daunting at first, we loved meeting people from all around the world.  I even still keep up with some of them on social media!

Southern Iceland has so many amazing destinations that we definitely had to pick and choose.  We skipped the famous black sand beach at Vik to spend lots of time at Jokulsarlon, an iceberg-filled glacial lagoon.  The pontoon boat tour was 100% worth it to get up close and personal with some icebergs.  We also had a ridiculously good time watching them play bumper cars, break apart, spin around, and eventually make their way to the Diamond Beach and the ocean.  

Pro-tip: If it looks like we're wearing the same clothes the whole trip, it's because we're big believers in packing light and bringing layers.  Obviously we needed those layers because it was pretty nice weather for late August in Iceland, but still a little chilly.  Most of our Airbnbs had laundry machines and we used them!

One of Brad's impulse life long dreams was to stand on a glacier, so after getting some tips from the couple pictured above, we decided to go for it!  Unfortunately, we ended up on the wrong glacier road and did something stupid.  The glacier we drove up to looked so close, so we kept following the trail until we realized that we were no longer on safe terrain, but on a precarious slope above glacial water.  Once we realized how precarious our situation was, we meticulously retread our path.  We made it back safely and checked out the stunning (and much safer) canyon of Fjadrargljufur instead. Glacial dreams: to be continued.

Pro-tip: Don't get so caught up in the scenery that you're not safe!

As the last light faded from the sky, we pulled up to Skogafoss, one of the more famous waterfalls and the most fun place we stayed for the trip: a tent in front of the waterfall!  Of course, there were also 50 other tents and the people next to us stayed up late watching a movie.  Do you know how little sound a tent blocks?  Let's just say that I didn't feel very bad about making noise when we woke up in the middle of the night to find the northern lights gracing the sky!  

Pro-tip: Bring a wide angle lens when traveling!  In my attempts to travel light, I only brought a 50mm and seriously regretted not having something wider to capture the amazing displays of color in the sky.

Day 4: Finally, a sunny day!  But we still had to wear our rain jackets since we hung out with waterfalls all day.  After enjoying the rainbows around Skogafoss, we found the correct road for Brad to anticlimactically stand on a glacier, stopped by Seljalandfoss (more waterfalls!), and got to our Airbnb in Selfoss in time to make more international friends.

Pro-tip: The closer you get the the Golden Circle, the more tour buses you'll run into.  Early in the day and later in the evening are definitely the best times to visit popular destinations, since the middle of the day sees them overrun with people.  Otherwise, use your subject to conceal oblivious frame intruders (see Shelley's extra limbs).  Plus, the light is better for photos (#photographerproblems).

Day 5&6: Our last two days weren't as photo-worthy (also my pregnant self was tired and I didn't want to lug the camera around anymore).  However, they were steeped in history since we toured Thingvellir, the site of the world's first parliament AND the intersection of two tectonic plates.  While it may not have been as visually spectacular as other parts of Iceland, the collision of history and geology made it 100% worth the visit.  The Geyser (from which all other geyser's derive their name) counted as our only Golden Circle stop, and as you can see the crowds were crazy.  We also went to The Settlement Museum and the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik because Brad and I love learning about the places we visit.  Also, remember that friend getting married in Iceland who inspired us to go on the trip in the first place?  We had a great time attending their rehearsal dinner, but ended up having to fly out the day of the wedding!

Pro-tip: The rehearsal dinner was by far the best food we had in Iceland because we mostly ate sandwiches and fruits/veggies.  Eating out is ridiculously expensive, like $20 for a burger and fries expensive.  I highly recommend packing snacks from the states and/or shopping at grocery stores to save money, plus, if you drive the Ring Road, there aren't many opportunities for eating out anyways.   

Overall, it was an amazing trip as a final adventure with just the two of us.  Looking back a year later, as our 8 month-old little boy crawls around my feet, I'm thankful to have experienced a country with some of the most stunning sights in the world.  Knowing how awe-inspiring Iceland is, now I'm even more excited to show Theo glaciers and waterfalls, rainbows and fjords, places steeped in history and all the beauties of this world.

Pedernales Falls Engagement Photos: Kayla & CB

Texans love to joke about how hot it is (as if we're surprised), but there's a glorious week or two in the fall when the heat fades and if you're a bit adventurous you can find a few trees that change colors.  Now that it's hot enough to sweat when you think about going outside, I thought I'd share the photos from Kayla & CB's perfect fall engagement shoot at Pedernales Falls.  It doesn't hurt that they're getting married a week from today either!  

Compass Rose Cellars Wedding: Nate & Cassidy

Lessons from Nate & Cassidy's wedding:

1. Don't be afraid to think outside the box- instead of looking at typical wedding venues, Nate & Cassidy remembered visiting a winery they loved, Compass Rose Cellars, and got married there.  Or maybe you don't want to feed each other cake in the traditional way?  How about throwing it to each other?

2. Take a few minutes to connect in the middle of a hectic day- even though weddings are about two people getting married, you'd be surprised at how little time you end up with each other, so step away to pray, reflect, or just be together for a few minutes.

3. Make sure everyone you love is there- Patrick the dog (not Nate's cousin Patrick) is a huge part of Nate & Cassidy's life so it only makes sense that he would be part of the wedding.  Pro-tip: assign one person to be in charge of your pet so they don't end up wandering off!

4. Be all in- Whether it's your commitment to one another or singing every word of Bohemian Rhapsody, your marriage and this world is better when you don't hold back.  P.S.  Dancing is more fun when you're not afraid to look a little crazy!

Venue: Compass Rose Cellars

Florals: Lilywilde Flower Co

Farm tables: made by the bride, groom, and their friends!

Brodie Homestead Winter Wedding: Kyle & Brandon

Now that I have a 3 month old little boy, I want to soak up all the wisdom I can from the parents watching their children get married.  Kyle's dad gave one of the best wedding speeches I've ever heard and I definitely shed a couple of tears.  He shared that being a parent is a constant exercise in letting go- letting go of your child's hand as they go to preschool, letting go of their care when they move across the country for college, and letting go when they get married.  But as hard as the letting go is, you gain far more than you lose.  He spoke of the pride that welled up when his independent daughter loved school, or the satisfaction of seeing her succeed on her own, and most of all, the joy of gaining a son when Kyle & Brandon got married.

Shoutout to the amazing people who worked so hard to make this day awesome!

Venue: Brodie Homestead

Florals: Bouquets of Austin

Catering: Pink Avocado

Cake: 2 Tarts

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Hair & Makeup: Blush N Bangs

DJ: DJ Nixx

Rentals: Premiere Events

String Trio: Terra Vista Strings

Coordination: Michelle Aseltine

Umlauf Sculpture Garden Wedding Inspiration

I often hear people talk about how much weddings have changed even over the last 50 years, with much more elaborate decor and food and parties, but I love that today's weddings bring a greater appreciation for fading arts that were once commonplace.  The slow process of building a hand tied bouquet or meticulously crafting delicate desserts gets lost in the name of utility and instant gratification.  While y'all know that I adore the moments that happen in real weddings, the pure artistry displayed this Brides of Austin inspiration shoots made me happy too!  

Design & Planning: Big Time Creatives

Venue: Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Florals: Whim Hospitality

Macaron Cake: Simon Lee Bakery

Rentals: Premiere Events

Hair & Makeup: My Style Team

Dress: Serendipity Bridal

Mercury Hall Wedding: Ashley & Alex!

I know that love languages are usually split into categories like words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time, but I'm pretty sure that one of my love languages is finding small world connections.  You can then understand why I'm a huge fan of Ashley and Alex- I photographed the wedding of one of Ashley's bridesmaids and the wedding of Alex's step sister.  Throw in the fact that I'm a huge fan of their dog, Chip, they got married at Mercury Hall, one of my favorite venues, and just how happily content they are together, and it's not surprising that their day checked all the boxes of my wedding photography love languages. 

Venue: Mercury Hall

Catering: Peached Tortilla

Florals: HEB Blooms

DJ: Greenbelt DJ

Desserts: Green Lily Bakery

Ceremony Music: Terra Vista Strings

Hair: Kelsey Adams

Makeup: Jasmine Ellis Makeup

Second Shooter: Christin Hume Photography

Lone Oak Barn Wedding: Taylor & Dustin!

You know that feeling when something finally makes sense and you just get it?  I had a moment like that while shooting Dustin & Taylor's wedding.  I'd been trying to get a great wedding day double exposure for a while, but each time the photos failed to live up to my vision.  Then while Taylor got dressed, I got the perfect overlay of flowers onto her silhouette.  Forgive the pun, but it just clicked, in the same that Taylor and Dustin click together.  You see them together and know that nothing else would make sense.  It only took me a year to blog, but better late than never, right?

Winfield Inn Wedding: Sarah & Matthew!

I'm not normally much of a crier.  But I tell you what, people being nice to each other at weddings gets me every time!  Whether it's the vows, the speeches, or even the sweet words spoken to calm nerves just before the ceremony, I'm always reminded of the power of publicly honoring and loving one another.  Sarah & Matthew are the rare kind of people who do that anyways, which gave every kind word and thoughtful detail that much more impact, because they live their lives with such sincerity anyways.  P.S. I could write paragraphs more about how I love them and their wedding, but for brevity's sake, just keep an eye out for the mini tissue boxes for happy tears.  I could have used 5 of them while editing their photos!

Ian's Chapel Wedding: Andrea & Anthony!

"You are my succulent and I will always be the dirt for you to grow in," Anthony told Andrea during their handwritten vows, alluding to his knowledge of Andrea's love of succulents and quirky declarations of love.  But more than just being sweet, it is so true that marriage means making a place for the other person to grow and flourish.  It means choosing humility and having the ability to laugh at yourself and with each other (and sometimes at each other), which Anthony and Andrea have no problem doing.  Enjoy their joyful day, killer style, and stunningly stormy skies!    

Venue: Camp Lucy's Ian's Chapel

Florals & Catering: Whim Hospitality

Coordinator: Your Wedding Your Way

Hair: Beauty Mark Agency

Makeup: Make The Rest Up

DJ: Byrne Rock

Cake: Michelle's Patisserie

Videographer: Ladybird Films

Photo Booth: Pixster

Calligraphy: Lunita 

Brodie Homestead Wedding: Dilia & Matthew

Each time I shoot a wedding, I feel like a detective, searching for clues that will help me tell a couple's story.  Those little hints show up in the surprises that the bride plans for her dad, the songs that a grandmother sings during the ceremony, the Juan in a Million tacos served for dinner, and of course, the words spoken during toasts.  Wedding toasts are often cast as cliches or a chance to tell embarrassing stories, but in my experience, they give a rare opportunity for people to publicly express their love for their family & friends.  During Dilia & Matthew's reception, their siblings spoke of Dilia's kindness and generosity and Matthew's ability to squeeze every bit of life out of each moment.  I have no doubt that those words resonated with all of the guests who have known the bride and groom for years, but it didn't take much detective work for me to notice the same things on their wedding day.  

Reception Venue: Brodie Homestead

Ceremony Venue: St. Louis Catholic Church

Caterer: Juan in a Million

Florist: Little Yellow Flower

Music: Matchmaker Band (who will make any party amazing!)

Wildflower Center Winter Wedding: Owen & Kemper

"Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” – Don McCullin

Most people give speeches with words to communicate their love, joy, and pride on a wedding day, but Michael shared photographs of his daughter.  Audible gasps echoed around the room as each new photograph came up on the screen.  When the people you photograph are the people you have loved, the force of that love in indelibly imbedded in those photographs.  It helps that Michael is a talented and renowned photographer, but in that moment, he was just a proud dad showing his love in the best way he knew how.  Having known Owen since our brothers started playing soccer together more than a decade ago, I find it only fitting that these two adventurous and well loved people got married outside on a misty day with stretches of wild land behind them and almost 20 dear friends beside them, not to mention the hundreds of family and friends there in support. 

Hot Texas Swing Band Music Video

I used to be terrified to do anything new or foreign because I knew that I wouldn't be good at it right away.  But at some point, I learned that things can be fun without being perfect!  Enter my foray into making music videos.  First was my video for Free The Honey, and now a video of my dad's original song, "Ain't Dead Yet" with the Hot Texas Swing Band.  It's so fun to create in a new way, making beauty out of movement and light and music.   

Austin Elopement: Rachel & Casey

I tell every couple I meet with that they should do whatever they want for their wedding and not fall prey to the hype that can steal attention away from the most important thing about a wedding: marriage.  With Rachel and Casey, that advice wasn't really necessary.  It didn't take long to realize that they already live their lives that way, pursuing what brings them joy, which is how we ended up with a couple of friends at Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood for a super intimate and completely secret elopement.  If you love good design, tiny weddings, or Harry Potter proposals, check out their excellent website announcing their elopement!