Faythe & Mike are married!

Faythe & Mike embraced everything bright and cheerful about their spring wedding, most visible in the abundant vibrant colors, but also so apparent in their attitudes.  To me, spring always represents the hope that comes along with a new season.  The whole time that Faythe & Mike were sharing their personalized vows, I couldn't stop thinking about how a wedding is the sign of a new season in the life of a couple and a new family.  I overheard Faythe's dad joking that walking his daughter down the aisle was an easy task, but giving her away was a different matter entirely.  We always talk about the joyful moments of a wedding, but don't always acknowledge that, as with any transition, it's ok to feel the bittersweetness of another season ending.  Happily, that little bit of sadness doesn't take away from the overwhelming joy of a brand new marriage and years of experience loving each other. Bright Spring Wedding_0001Bright Spring Wedding_0002Bright Spring Wedding_0003Bright Spring Wedding_0004Bright Spring Wedding_0005Bright Spring Wedding_0006Bright Spring Wedding_0007Bright Spring Wedding_0008Bright Spring Wedding_0009Bright Spring Wedding_0010Bright Spring Wedding_0011Bright Spring Wedding_0012Bright Spring Wedding_0013Bright Spring Wedding_0014Bright Spring Wedding_0015Bright Spring Wedding_0016Bright Spring Wedding_0017Bright Spring Wedding_0018Bright Spring Wedding_0019Bright Spring Wedding_0020Bright Spring Wedding_0021Bright Spring Wedding_0022Bright Spring Wedding_0023Bright Spring Wedding_0024Bright Spring Wedding_0025Bright Spring Wedding_0026Bright Spring Wedding_0027Bright Spring Wedding_0028Bright Spring Wedding_0029Bright Spring Wedding_0030Bright Spring Wedding_0031Bright Spring Wedding_0032Bright Spring Wedding_0033Bright Spring Wedding_0034Bright Spring Wedding_0035Bright Spring Wedding_0036Bright Spring Wedding_0037Bright Spring Wedding_0038Bright Spring Wedding_0039Bright Spring Wedding_0040Bright Spring Wedding_0041Bright Spring Wedding_0042Bright Spring Wedding_0043Bright Spring Wedding_0044Bright Spring Wedding_0045Bright Spring Wedding_0046Bright Spring Wedding_0047