Colorado Wedding: Hunter & Ali are married!

For 11 months and a few days, I anxiously awaited July 23rd, 2016 because it would mark my first mountain wedding that (hopefully) wouldn't involve torrential rain and 3 inches of sleet.  Each email from Ali involved some exciting detail (Ceremony in front of Tomichi Dome! Working horse ranch! Reception in a 100 year old barn!  Hot Springs!) that made me more and more anxious for July to arrive.  It didn't hurt that my oldest childhood friend would be playing music during the ceremony, either.  But all my expectations for an adventurous wedding at the gorgeous Waunita Hot Springs Ranch didn't prepare me for the sweetest part of the wedding- Ali & Hunter's devotion to each other.  Their love shone so brightly that we wouldn't have needed to be in an amazing location for the wedding to be captivating!