Chapel Dulcinea elopement

Jenna & Andrew: Intimate Chapel Dulcinea Wedding

I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll never stop encouraging couples to have the wedding they want, not the wedding they see on wedding blogs or in magazines. If you want a giant celebration in the goat pasture of your childhood home (like me), do it! Just warn people that Texas does have fire ants and there’s only so much you can do about it. If you want a raging party that promises to keep people dancing for hours, do it! After shooting several such weddings I can recommend some killer live bands that bring the fun. If you just want to have a quiet ceremony with your family and a few favorite people, do it! That’s what Jenna & Andrew did and I love how carefree they looked as they walked hand in hand to the chapel. With less than twenty people in attendance at Chapel Dulcinea, every guest was able to participate in a ring warming ceremony, holding the wedding bands and passing along the love they carry for Jenna & Andrew. I hope you can feel how peaceful the day was through the photos!

Austin Elopement: Rachel & Casey

I tell every couple I meet with that they should do whatever they want for their wedding and not fall prey to the hype that can steal attention away from the most important thing about a wedding: marriage.  With Rachel and Casey, that advice wasn't really necessary.  It didn't take long to realize that they already live their lives that way, pursuing what brings them joy, which is how we ended up with a couple of friends at Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood for a super intimate and completely secret elopement.  If you love good design, tiny weddings, or Harry Potter proposals, check out their excellent website announcing their elopement!