Gold Mountain

My last name, Dormont, is French.  Funny thing is, I'm not French, I'm Polish.  To make a long story short (especially since half the people who look at this blog have already heard it), my great-grandfather translated our Polish name to French.  Goldberg became Dormont, but the meaning remains: Gold Mountain, which is why my parents named our goat raisin' business, Gold Mountain Goats.  While we don't actually have a mountain, we do have a lovely hill that turns golden in the glorious sunsets for which Texas is so famous.  This week I walked up the hill to see my dad's latest project.  I can't explain it is as well as he can, but he is in the process of building his own solar observatory to mark the solstices and equinoxes using cinderblocks, some copper piping, and a compass.  My dad is quite brilliant.  You'll also see our polar bears (Great Pyrenees guard dogs), our overly curious goats, and the remnants of our golf games in the pasture.  I love coming home.