Ok, so you might want to grab yourself a drink and maybe even a snack, because this is about to be my longest post ever (edit: one of many long posts about Honduras!).  My church, terranova, sent a group to Honduras to help build a church in a small mountain community.   Honduras is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and I have too much to say/show about this trip for just a few photos and a sentence or two. God never changes, regardless of the continent you're on or the language you speak.  However, I love the way that His love and His work becomes so evident when you step out of a familiar context.  Our time in Honduras may have been short, but it constantly amazes me how God can grow love between people who have completely different lives.  I know this sounds a little dramatic, but my heart seriously leaps for joy at the chance to learn from and grow with people from around the world, so I pray that this is one in a long line of posts documenting my chance to worship the Lord in different places and contexts.

See how beautiful this country is?!  I sat with my face glued to the window the whole three hour drive between San Pedro Sula and La Esperanza.  We did have a nice little detour when we got a flat tire, but it was quickly mended. The whole travel day gave us a great chance to get to know each other and the Hondurans with whom we'd be working for the week.

The first night in La Esperanza we admired our beautiful hotel and did a bit of exploring before going to dinner with Eric, the pastor we're partnering with, Yoamy, his beautiful wife, and their adorable children.  That first dinner was all it took for me to fall in love with their family.  Although I hadn't spoken Spanish in years, I was amazed at how quickly words came back to me.  I was so grateful for that, because it really opened up a door for me to get to know Yoamy a bit.  We headed to bed pretty quickly though, because we knew that we had an early start the next day!

Getting up early the next to have some quiet time with the Lord I was greeted with the beautiful sight of mist covering the mountains.  How awesome is it to read "the mountains and hills before you shall break forth into singing," and then look up to see a view like this?

After eating breakfast, our first morning in Las Mercedes was filled with lots of hard work!  The task was to get all the materials for building the church up the mountain.  Not an easy task, to say the least, but after a few kinks we figured out ways to most efficiently use our strength and do it with joy!

During lunch we got to get to know some of the Hondurans a little better, such as Martin, a local pastor and his wife.  We also got to know a few of the sweet kiddos.  The rest of the day included more work on the church, a beautiful drive back down the mountain and an delicious dinner.  We were pretty filthy (that is not a tan you see on our legs!) and physically exhausted, but so happy to be in Honduras!

Reppin' the llama.