Ashley & Parker: Kindred Oaks wedding (pt. 1)

I'm so excited to finally share photos from Parker & Ashley's gorgeous wedding at Kindred Oaks.  Can't you just tell that their wedding rocked by how happy they look in that first photo?!  Seriously.  To start the day off, Ashley's Sottero & Midgley dress was stunning and she looked gorgeous in it.  The whole "glowing because you're getting married to your best friend" thing helped a lot, too.  I love how they wove so many special details into the wedding, like the pearls that Ashley's grandmother had given her, or the sixpence with the year her grandfather was born.  I especially love that her bouquet included a white glove that every woman in her family has carried in their wedding, starting with her great grandmother.  How cool is that?  And can we also talk about how awesome Ashley's bouquet from Zuzu's Petals is?  Just wait until you see Parker's boutonniere!

After spending time with the girls while they got ready, I headed over to the guy's room.  They looked mighty sharp in their purple!  Now check out that ridiculously awesome boutonniere (and am I the only one who thinks that boutonniere is the hardest word to spell ever?).

Parker and Ashley chose to do a first look, and Ashley said that it was one of her favorite moments during the day.  I have to agree- it was so sweet for them to have some time to themselves before all the craziness of the wedding really set in.

I love the next two photos captured by my second shooter, Amber V'rai.

After the first look we had plenty of time for bridal party photos, which was definitely fun with such a photogenic crowd!  I love the mix of bold colors.

After taking care of all the family photos, we snuck Ashley away to do a few bridal portraits.  So lovely!  I absolutely adore the first shot, taken by my second shooter, Amber.  The amazing light in the other photos totally fed my sunflare addiction.

The sweet flower girl came out to take a few photos too.  She was so precious, if a little camera shy!

Then finally, guests started arriving and it was time for Parker and Ashley to become husband and wife! Yay!

I know this is a cliff hanger, but you'll have to wait until later to see the rest!