Austin & Taylor are engaged! And lit Tangled-inspired lanterns!

Here is a (much) longer post of Taylor and Austin's engagement shoot full of sunshine-y goodness and lanterns!  These two wonderful people met in high school and dated all through college.  I personally had the good fortune of meeting Taylor at Southwestern.  Since she got Austin hooked on coming to terranova, the church we both attend, I got to know Austin, as well.  Austin, Taylor, and I share a mutual love for the movie Tangled, so I was ecstatic when I found out that after he proposed, Austin and Taylor lit floating lanterns together!  AHHH so cute!   Then you can imagine my excitement when they decided to let off lanterns again during the engagement shoot! If you didn't pick up on it from the title, I'm slightly obsessed with the floating lanterns.  And now with Taylor and Austin's engagement photos.  Enjoy!

After exploring Zilker Botanical Gardens for a while, we headed to Mount Bonnell to release the lanterns.  Since it was the most gorgeous day ever and we arrived around sunset, it was a little crowded, but we found our own little alcove away from all the people.  The sunset did not disappoint, and we then successfully released the lanterns without setting anything on fire!

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns!  (That's my heart singing from happiness.)

Congrats on y'all's engagement, Taylor & Austin!  It was a joy witnessing and photographing y'all's love!