Over the past summer, a few friends and I road-tripped west to New Mexico, Arizona, and finally California (you can see a few photos of New Mexico that I blogged but I haven't posted the others yet) .  We traveled over sweeping plains, through deeps canyons, into the giant Sequoias and the Redwoods, and along the coast of California.  I'm still amazed at what a variety of gorgeous places exist in our country and now have an awesome portfolio of landscapes photographs. Fast forward to the fall- I decided to enter the Georgetown Art Works Art Hop Competition and had to choose a photograph.  Of course, one of the lovely new landscapes I had taken on our road trip was the obvious choice, but I decided instead to submit a photo of Alex standing in the mouth of a cave on the shoreline of California.  In my submission, I wrote that we put frames around pieces of art or photographs to signify that image's importance, but in the moment that I took the picture of Alex, nature made that distinction for me.  Even after seeing some of the most beautiful places in the United States, the way that Becca, Alex, and I grew in friendship really did impact me more than any breathtaking landscape.  It's so easy to get caught up in taking stunning, award-winning photos that sometimes I need my focus to be re-framed around the things (aka people) I find most precious.

Ironically, I actually placed third in the Art Works competition with 'Frames!'  I guess paying attention to my philosophic musings paid off this time.  Yay!  Check it out, along with 'Rest,' the photo of swallows I took from my balcony.