Dan & Colleen are married!


C&DSometimes you meet people who just have so many connections that you know you were meant to be friends.  Dan & Colleen immediately felt like friends and I loved getting to know them!  Their Angel Springs wedding was lovely and happy and so genuine.  It didn't for a moment feel like the wedding overshadowed the real point of the day- that Dan & Colleen were pledging their lives to one another.  Having shot one of the groomsman's wedding this spring, and looking forward to another's this fall, I was blessed to really feel like a part of the day, and not just an outside photographer. 

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Colleen wore her mother's veil, such a sweet and sentimental touch.  Also, her smile is the best.  No one who saw either of the couple would doubt that they were just over the moon about getting married!


The ceremony took place in the beautiful, tree shaded clearing and the guests sat in a circle!  I'd never shot a wedding in the round before, but I love that they were literally surrounded by their loved ones.  CD10 CD11 CD12 CD13 CD14

Bahaha let's just say that we had a good time with the bridal party photos. 

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The sunset was gorgeous and luckily I had an AWESOME bride and groom who let me steal them for some photos!

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