Clusterfest photos!

So my school (Southwestern University, in case you didn't know) decided that instead of having one big musical act a year, they would start an annual music festival.  After much hard work by some very ambitious students, Clusterfest was born.  With seven different artists and hundreds of attendees, the first festival could definitely be called a success.  And I had the privilege of photographing it!  Pretty lights, balloons, and super animated musicians (aka Matt & Kim)  meant that I had a good time taking pictures.  Here are a few of my favorite photos!  Make sure to check out the line-up for this year's festival on April 20th, headlined by the Sleigh Bells and even featuring a few really talented Southwestern students!


I've met a lot of awesome people at Southwestern.  These are some of the best of them.  They also happen to be a really talented band!  Check out BeFound's website to listen to some of their music, including an original song.  I know they look all cool and serious, but don't worry, they're actually some of the funniest people I know.