I'm engaged!

This post is now a long time coming, but as you probably all know, I'm engaged!  In the summer of 2009, I would drive to Georgetown each Sunday where I would have a Bible study with some friends and go to church. One Sunday after I had returned from a trip to Tanzania, a new cute young man attended my church for the first time. He began joining us for Bible study and impressed me by volunteering hours and hours of his time to help out a disabled couple I had started assisting. Though there were immediate sparks, Brad impressed me further with his humility and desire to grow with the Lord before he began a relationship. The other problem came from the fact that he went to Vanderbilt several states away. Over the next few years we grew to be good friends when Brad was back in town (although some of my friends will never accept that we were just friends). God did so much in each of us over those years, as well as growing an affection for each other. If you want to hear the longer story of some of the amazing thing the Lord used to draw us together, you'll have to ask me in person sometime! But needless to say, we did feel God leading us into a relationship! Ironically enough, that began right when Brad left for Costa Rica for six months for an engineering mission trip in January 2012. I convinced my mom (not that it was difficult) to take a vacation to Costa Rica to visit Brad over the summer and we had an amazing time exploring. The thing I enjoyed most though was seeing my mom get to know Brad and see the way he treats me with love and respect. Brad & I-5

Since Brad has been back in the states, we have learned so much about how to love and serve one another in a relationship.  But we've also had so much fun!  We both share a love for discovering the beauty for God's creation and take any chance to be outside.  I'm so grateful for the way that God reminds me daily who I am through Brad and how he lifts me up to be the radiant person I was made to be.

Brad & I-4

We've always know that we were dating with marriage in mind, so I knew that a proposal would come before too long.  The day after Valentine's Day, we went out to my parent's ranch where I grew up my whole life to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Little did I know though, that we weren't celebrating my mom's birthday!  Brad suggested walking up to the beautiful pasture with a big (in my eyes) oak tree where we had talked about getting married.  Being a happy clueless person, I really didn't know what was coming, but after walking around the oak tree, Brad got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I was speechless for a few moments before I could squeak out a yes and then start jumping up and down for joy!  He then put a gorgeous golden ring on my finger and it was official...we are engaged!

My ring!-1

The story of my ring is just a little picture of the care and thoughtfulness Brad puts into the things he cares about.  Knowing my love of all things trees, especially oak trees, he fashioned a ring out of an oak twig from the tree in front of his house and took it to a jeweler where they cast the twig and a flower in gold for the most perfect engagement ring ever.  Brad gave me the choice of what stone to add and, of course, I chose a light aqua stone.  I can't imagine a more wonderful symbol of our commitment.  Since I'm in the wedding industry, I'm so excited to have my own wedding, but more than ANYTHING, I'm just so happy to be marrying this Godly man who serves the people around him, delights in adventure, and is so intentional in loving me.

Melissa & Richard are engaged!

M&R1 I'm so excited to share a few photos from Melissa & Richard's engagement shoot!  Though I didn't know Melissa personally at Southwestern, it's a pretty small campus and we have lots of mutual friends, including both of my roommates! While Melissa has been studying education, Richard has been studying at the Air Force academy and serving our country.  I loved hearing a little bit of their story of best friends to fiances!  Their Kindred Oaks wedding next spring will be so fun!


We took advantage of some of the gorgeous morning light at SU before heading to the square to get some shots with the perfectly restored old car that Richard and his Dad fixed up.




I could take photos in this kind of light forever...they practically had to drag me to our next location (slight exaggeration there, but not by much). M&R5




Thanks for being making my job so fun and easy, Melissa and Richard!  I can't wait for y'all's wedding :)

Pedernales Falls Engagement Shoot: Madi & Nick!

One of my favorite things about living in the Hill Country of Texas is that I'm surrounded by this beauty so unique to Texas.  Others may say that it can't compare to the majestic mountains of Colorado or the beaches of California, but I'll always be loyal to central Texas! Because of my appreciation for the Hill Country, shooting one of my dearest friend's engagement photos at Pedernales State Park was a dream come true.  We braved the slightly toasty summer evening to explore the river and all rocky goodness.  I can't put into words how much I love Madi and Nick, so I'm going to let my photos do most the talking since photography is my love language.  You will see from their photos what awesome, joyful, funny people they are!  I've had the privilege of being friends with Madi through our awkward middle school years, different rough relationships, the growing into ourselves in college, and as Madi and Nick fell in love!  I liked Nick from the start because 1. He does an awesome Russian accent and 2. He didn't hate me after I spit water all over him at something funny he said.  True story.


We started out in a sunny little meadow (aka my happy place).


Look how fun...but you'd never guess what they were laughing at!  Prime example of why they were made for each other.


This next part was a little tricky...we may or may not have gotten lost looking for an epic set of waterfalls.  Instead I just found pretty wheat grass!


Despite our little detour, we made it to the falls at the perfect sunset time!


Madi's adorable dress and boots were perfect for the country setting.  Maybe not so perfect for leaping across rocks, but still worth it!




Sunset, water, reflections, rocks, people in love!!!  Happy photographer!




ImageA perfect ending to a beautiful evening!  And now I want to go camping at Pedernales...

Austin & Taylor are engaged! And lit Tangled-inspired lanterns!

Here is a (much) longer post of Taylor and Austin's engagement shoot full of sunshine-y goodness and lanterns!  These two wonderful people met in high school and dated all through college.  I personally had the good fortune of meeting Taylor at Southwestern.  Since she got Austin hooked on coming to terranova, the church we both attend, I got to know Austin, as well.  Austin, Taylor, and I share a mutual love for the movie Tangled, so I was ecstatic when I found out that after he proposed, Austin and Taylor lit floating lanterns together!  AHHH so cute!   Then you can imagine my excitement when they decided to let off lanterns again during the engagement shoot! If you didn't pick up on it from the title, I'm slightly obsessed with the floating lanterns.  And now with Taylor and Austin's engagement photos.  Enjoy!

After exploring Zilker Botanical Gardens for a while, we headed to Mount Bonnell to release the lanterns.  Since it was the most gorgeous day ever and we arrived around sunset, it was a little crowded, but we found our own little alcove away from all the people.  The sunset did not disappoint, and we then successfully released the lanterns without setting anything on fire!

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns!  (That's my heart singing from happiness.)

Congrats on y'all's engagement, Taylor & Austin!  It was a joy witnessing and photographing y'all's love!

Cuteness overload (aka a baby and people in love)

I really should be asleep right now, not working on a blog post, but I got caught up in editing photos and I COULDN'T KEEP THE CUTENESS TO MYSELF.  Also, apparently the later it is, the more dramatic my writing is!  First up are a few photos of Heather and Nick's engagement session.  One of the things that I love about wedding photography is getting to know awesome people, such as Heather.  Over the past 9 months Heather and I have enjoyed many wedding talks over coffee that turned into talks about life, God, marriage, and other fun things.  So after all that talking, it was awesome to actually take some photos!!!  Next are photos of one of the cutest babies EVER, so stick around.

So now get ready to fall in love with one of the happiest, most adorable babies I've ever met.  Sawyer also has some of the coolest parents ever, so I can't wait to see what he's like when he grows up!  It was RIDICULOUSLY hard to choose only a few photos for a sneak peek, so enjoy!  I'll definitely share more later. In the meantime, merry almost Christmas!

Jimmy & Destiny's Engagement Shoot

I love when clients really get excited about doing a shoot, so I was pumped to hear that Destiny had a bunch of fun ideas for her and Jimmy's engagement session.  Between exploring the Zilker botanical gardens, stopping by a few places in Austin, and ending at the Oasis, we got some beautiful shots.  Jimmy and Destiny have been together since high school, and their commitment to each other is evident in the way that they are so comfortable with each other.  I really enjoyed running around Austin with these two, so I hope y'all enjoy a few of their photos!

Drew & Karen

I'm totally a country girl at heart, so getting to do this engagement shoot in the Hill Country near Leander was awesome.  I love the way that the Texas country is so beautiful, even in the middle of a drought!  And how much better is the hill country when you get to hang out with an awesome couple?  Karen and Drew were so fun to work with- I can't wait for their wedding later in the year!

Dallas & Melissa's Engagements!

I met this sweet couple at the Georgetown Bridal Show, and I'm so glad I did!  We got to witness a gorgeous sunset and do a little exploring.  Who knew there were so many beautiful places to take photos in Georgetown!?  Just by coincidence we parked by a baseball field and at the end of the shoot Melissa and Dallas told me that Dallas had played baseball for years. Of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a great photo!  Forgive my cheesy addition to the baseball field, but hey, if you're in love, I think a little silliness is in order!

Michele & Josh: Sneak Peek!

Michele, Josh, and I finished these engagement photos less than two hours ago, but I couldn't resist posting a few because they're so stinkin' cute!  In pretty much every picture they're cracking up.  I would like to think that it's because I'm really funny, but I'm pretty sure that it's actually because these two are wonderful people filled with joy!  More to come, but for now...

Samantha & Louie

Through a dear mutual friend, I met Sam and Louie and will have the honor of shooting their wedding next fall.  We recently had a fun adventure around Austin taking engagement photos with two friends and two dogs.  It was a blast having Princess and Jane (guess which dog is which :) ) along, they're such sweet puppies.  And the shoot ended so sweetly-literally-with Amy's ice cream!  Sam and Louie, I had a blast working with y'all!

Kirsten & Aaron

My sweet roommate Kirsten is engaged!  Her fiance contacted me a few weeks before he proposed and we began to scheme.  After planning, and changing plans, and changing plans again, I drove Kirsten at 7am to an old trestle bridge where she was "helping me test the light" for a future photo shoot.  Little did she know that the photoshoot would be for her engagement!  Aaron had driven from west Texas (a 7 hour drive) the day before without Kirsten know and arrived at the bridge before sunrise.  When we arrived, I told her just to go out to the middle of the bridge and look towards me.  As I shot, Aaron very sloooooowly snuck up behind her, knelt down, and pulled out a ring.  The photos can tell the rest of the story....