Austin wedding photographer

Jen & Jeremy are married!

JJ1 Earlier this month, Jen and Jeremy committed their lives to one another at the positively lovely Vintage Villas overlooking Lake Travis in Austin.  I loved this couple as soon as I met them...maybe it has something to do with the fact that we were all Communications majors!  Or just that they're super fun and awesome.  From their engagement shoot, to Jen's bridal shoot, to other meetings, it was such a pleasure getting to know them over the past six months.  And their wedding certainly didn't disappoint!  I also loved how special each of their families are to Jen and Jeremy, and their families love each other!  From their siblings being the maid of honor and best man, to Jeremy's dad officiating the ceremony, the whole day felt so full of love from the people who mean the most to Jen & Jeremy.  And most of all, I know that their love is rooted in God, and has such a strong foundation.

Convenient to the classy color scheme of navy and yellow, I found yellow flowers!  Yay spring!


Both Jen & Jeremy's rings have special little touches that make them so personal.  See those little blue and green stones?  Those are the bride and groom's birthstones, and they plan to add the birthstones of their children when they start having kids!  How sweet is that?!


Tammie Garza & Su-Min Ruliffson did a wonderful job on the hair and make up for all the lovely ladies.



Too much prettiness, I can't handle it!  Fleurish Austin put together the beautiful flowers for the day.


After they got all spiffied up, I took the boys on a little adventure in a field!  It wasn't actually that much of an adventure, but it's the best we could do :)


In the few final moments before the ceremony, Jen & Jeremy shared a few moments together to talk and pray for one another.


The it was go time!


Vintage Villas has such a gorgeous ceremony site overlooking the lake.


My favorite and wife!!



We finished just in time to take advantage of the most gorgeous sunset light ever.


Then reception time!  I cheated and took a few photos earlier so that you could see all the pretty details before they were overrun with happy people.


The handwritten place cards by Melissa Tang were beautiful.  That kind of talent amazes me!



Jen & Jeremy danced to JJ Heller's Boat Song, which you should go look up right now!  It will make your day happier, I promise.


As usual, Classic Cakes by Lori made two beautiful and yummy cakes!


Then lots of dancing!  And let me tell you, everyone had a good time.  But you can probably see that for yourself :)


And what A&M wedding would be complete without the Aggie War Hymn?


So excited to be officially married!


Such  a fun day, topped of by a bubble and cheering filled exit!  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Payne!


Fun and exciting updates! I'm so proud to finally share my new website and promo video! It's been a long process, but so worth it. The website has been a thorn in my side for a while, and though it's not perfect yet, I'd rather have an imperfect website than agonize over something that I never publish. It's the same address, so make sure to take a look around :)

Even more exciting is the fact that I have the most wonderful promo video! My two creative partners-in-crime, Carlos Barron and Antonio Banda meet up monthly to brainstorm and embark on creative projects just to keep our artistic brains working. Our second big project involved producing a video to share who I am and express my love for photography and I couldn't be happier with it! Though collaborating can seem intimidating because of artistic differences, it reaps so much fruit when unique talents and perspectives add to the final product. I'm so grateful for the time and talent Carlos and Antonio put into making my promo video!

P.S. The super fun song is Circus of Love by Benjamin Dunn, licensed by the Music Bed.

Amber & Terry: Hyatt Regency Wedding

One of my favorite things about weddings today is how free people feel to make them completely unique.  In this case, Amber and Terry had a 1920's themed wedding with an intimate ceremony and larger reception on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency overlooking downtown Austin.  After seeing how fun it was to have everyone dressed up, I was a little jealous that I didn't bust out my own flapper dress!

Amber incorporated several special heirlooms into her day, which matched the vintage/20's theme perfectly.  The story of her pearl necklace delighted me the most; her grandfather bought her grandmother an individual pearl every year for their anniversary and added it to the necklace.  So sweet!

I had a lot of fun with all the interesting details in the hotel room where the ceremony was held.  Amber told me when we first started talking about her wedding that she wasn't going to decorate a whole lot because the hotel is already so beautiful and the costumed guests would do make it more special than decorations could.

Proof that being a photographer makes me feel creepy:  I spotted Amber's father across the hotel and sneakily snapped a photo.  The open atrium in the Hyatt makes for cool photos!

After a few last finishing touches and toasts, the only thing that stood between Amber and her almost-husband was a final few moments with her father.  I particularly love the shot that my awesome second shooter, Emilee, got of Amber's sweet hand-written vows.

Amber & Terry's ceremony defines the term "short and sweet."  I never knew that so much beautiful emotion could fit into 10 minutes!  Their devotion to one another shone through the whole thing.

Yay!  Husband and wife :)

We then headed outside to get some shots with the Congress bridge and the whole Austin skyline!  Being a beautiful day Friday afternoon, it was quite busy and plenty of people jumped on the chance to congratulate the radiant couple.

Party time!  The top floor of the Regency provided us with the gorgeous backdrop of the Austin skyline and a fine space for dancing and merriment.

Amber and Terry, y'all's wedding was so fun and meaningful!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Kelly & Chewie: Hummingbird House Wedding

Can I claim divine intervention for Kelly & Chewie finding me?  We met at a bridal show, but clicked immediately and then discovered that she knew a bridesmaid in another wedding I had shot.  It wasn't until we met over coffee that we discovered the craziest connection of all.  The pastor they were doing marriage counseling with and who would marry them is the same pastor whose family I live with right now!  Like I said, divine intervention.  And I'm so happy to call Kelly & Chewie friends now!

Kelly & Chewie's beautiful wedding took place at the stunning Hummingbird House in Manchaca, Texas.

There sure were lots of beautiful things (and people, course) to photograph!  And those boys.  Goofballs!

Yay!  Time to get married!

I just couldn't get over the way that Kelly & Chewie looked at each other.  So much sweetness and devotion.

The unity sand spilled during the sand ceremony, making a great sermon illustration about marriage.  Messy, but beautiful.

The golden sunlight was so kind to the beaming newlyweds (and their stinkin' adorable son, Isaiah).

I love how they incorporated elements of Chewie's Nigerian heritage throughout the wedding!


Such a joyful celebration, and quite a fun party, if I do say so myself.



Congratulations, Kelly & Chewie!

Meredith & Jason are married!

I'm so excited to share some photos from Meredith & Jason's wedding!  They are such wonderful, sweet people who are seriously in love.  The grey and yellow color palette was gorgeous, and Green Pastures in South Austin made the perfect backdrop for a spring wedding.  I loved how laid back and relational the whole day was; Meredith and Jason really got to enjoy spending time with their friends and family.

Meredith started her day by getting her hair done at Urban Betty and then visited Makenzi Laine for her makeup.  Meredith is just a beautiful person, but these ladies really showed off Meredith's beauty perfectly for her wedding.

We then headed to Green Pastures to finish getting ready!  When we arrived, the flowers had already arrived and looked a-mazing.

See what I mean?  Beautiful!  (That applies to both Meredith and the flowers)

Jason and his friends hung out in a very cool lounge/bar room, but it turns out we weren't supposed to go in there.  Oops.

I loved the way that the grey and yellow color scheme ran throughout the little details of the day.

And then it was ceremony time!

Jason and Meredith and I snuck away for a few minutes to take few photos alone before the reception started.  Bamboo forests are definitely my new best friend.

The great thing about weddings without a lot of activities is that I get to spend extra time taking pictures of the adorable kiddos that inevitably show up at weddings.

Congratulations, Meredith and Jason!  Y'all are awesome and I know that many years of happiness will follow this joyful wedding day!


Austin & Taylor are engaged! And lit Tangled-inspired lanterns!

Here is a (much) longer post of Taylor and Austin's engagement shoot full of sunshine-y goodness and lanterns!  These two wonderful people met in high school and dated all through college.  I personally had the good fortune of meeting Taylor at Southwestern.  Since she got Austin hooked on coming to terranova, the church we both attend, I got to know Austin, as well.  Austin, Taylor, and I share a mutual love for the movie Tangled, so I was ecstatic when I found out that after he proposed, Austin and Taylor lit floating lanterns together!  AHHH so cute!   Then you can imagine my excitement when they decided to let off lanterns again during the engagement shoot! If you didn't pick up on it from the title, I'm slightly obsessed with the floating lanterns.  And now with Taylor and Austin's engagement photos.  Enjoy!

After exploring Zilker Botanical Gardens for a while, we headed to Mount Bonnell to release the lanterns.  Since it was the most gorgeous day ever and we arrived around sunset, it was a little crowded, but we found our own little alcove away from all the people.  The sunset did not disappoint, and we then successfully released the lanterns without setting anything on fire!

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns!  (That's my heart singing from happiness.)

Congrats on y'all's engagement, Taylor & Austin!  It was a joy witnessing and photographing y'all's love!