Breathtaking Blooms

Jordan & Randy are married!

J&R1 One of my goals as a photographer is to improve with each wedding because I know that each wedding I can learn from my mistake.  Inevitably each wedding poses some challenge, whether it be tough lighting, technical difficulties, or a shortened timeline. But every once in a while, a wedding comes along where everything I've learned falls into place and it all works out perfectly!  This was one of those weddings...a gorgeous happy couple, a super fun bridal party, perfect light, amazing vendors, and an awesome party!  Jordan and Randy are the kind of people who make me love my job even more than I already do.

Linda of Breathtaking Blooms set the stage for the wedding with gorgeous pink and white flowers everywhere, making Reunion Ranch the perfect vintage country wedding venue.



Jordan's gorgeous dress, which she trusted us to bring outside, was the epitome of a princess dress and actually comes from Alfred Angelo's Disney line of dresses!  I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale love story :)


Maybe I should send this to Alfred Angelo for advertising.  The prettiness is almost too much for me to handle.


My friends Haylee and Macy (so grateful that their family recommended me to Jordan!) made the sweetest junior bridesmaids!


Nice rustic burlap details showed up all day!


Good-ness, Jordan!  SO beautiful!


I've got to give a little love to the guys, too.  They were looking pretty schnazzy, and I even got Zack, one of the ring bearers to show them how to be rock stars!


Before the ceremony, Jordan, her bridesmaids, and her wonderful mom took some time to pray for the wedding and more importantly, Randy and Jordan's future together.  Their prayers reminded me how special it is to begin a marriage with the surety and solid foundation of a relationship with God, and the joy that He takes in displaying His love through marriages.


The ceremony archway was decorated beautifully with flowers and lace.







Light!!! Pretty, pretty light!  And such happiness to go along with the pretty light!  The post ceremony moments are some of my favorite because I get the couple away from the hubbub for a few minutes and they can be all excited about being married!



Party time!  Reunion Ranch is perfectly suited for vintage, country chic receptions!  I love the heirloom tables that are becoming popular because family histories are so special in celebrating the foundation of each person entering to a marriage.


Tree trunk centerpieces.  Need I say more?


Simple white cakes and more tree trunks!


One of my favorite things about Reunion Ranch is that they have someone work a spotlight during important moments.  Hello, backlighting!  Jordan's dad's toast ranks among the best toast/welcoming speech I've ever heard, since he included a story and photos of the first time that Jordan brought Randy home to meet her parents.  Her mom and dad dressed up in old-fashioned, super conservative clothes and interrogated him.  He passed the test, and it's a pretty awesome story now!  To make it even better, Jordan's parents dressed up in other over-the-top outfits and then had the guests vote on which photo was the real one.  I just about died laughing (quietly, of course, gotta keep up the professional appearance).


Ok, so I have too many favorite moments in weddings.  But this was so awesome!  During dinner, the groomsmen rushed over and grabbed me to get a spontaneous shot of the bridal party posed as the last supper.  Thanks to someone's smartphone, they pulled up the painting and figured out each person's pose.



Many thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Becca for helping me and getting these great shots from the balcony!



I love a good toast.  It's easy to be too cheesy, too short, too long, too personal, too impersonal, but the bride's brother and the best man seriously nailed it.  Funny, heartwarming, inspiring and a little emotional.  If you need tips, ask these guys!






Congratulations, Jordan and Randy!  It was a joy to be part of your wedding!

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