Enchanted Rock


It's Christmas!  So, like a good blogger, I wrote a Christmas post.  If if doesn't seem very holiday-ish at first, stick with me and you'll see the connection eventually.  Sometimes in the midst of doing photography as my business I lose sight of the brilliant reason I love taking photos in the first place: to reflect the beauty of God in His creations.  However, God was gracious enough to knock me off my feet last night when I saw this photo from my family's hike at Enchanted Rock and remind me of exactly why I do what I do.  (I'll show you the photo now if you promise to keep reading)

I had simply snapped this photo in between goofy photos of my parents, but the simple beauty and symbolism strikes a deep chord in me.  The man's purposeful stride towards his wife reflects the whole message of Christmas: Jesus came to us.  He pursued us because he loves us.  He didn't wait for us to come to him, but made himself nothing, a humble servant and was obedient to the point of death.  But death couldn't keep him down, so now we are free to live in the love of God, all because Jesus came to us.  I'm overwhelmed with that relentless love, the passionate pursuit of God as he defeats sin and reigns as Lord in our hearts.  And this is why I celebrate Christmas, but it's also why I long to take beautiful photos and be a loving daughter and a faithful friend every day.  Because every day I get the chance to worship the God who came to me and gave me life, not just on Christmas!

I told you it was a Christmas post :)  Have a beautiful day!

P.S.  Who wants to take engagement/wedding/senior photos at Enchanted Rock?!!?!!