Georgetown Texas wedding photography

Mary & Evan are married!

Yay!  Mary and Evan are married!  I love how fun and unique they are, and their personalities were definitely shown throughout their wedding.  Having grown up in a home school group together for most of their lives, Mary and Evan got to know each other as friends before falling in love.  But falling in love with your best friend is how it should be anyways, right?  Mary and Evan have such a sweet comfortableness together, one that allows them to feel totally free to be themselves!

Their wedding was also probably one of the chillest (who knew that was a real word?!) I've ever photographed.  The entire time that she was getting ready, Mary skipped around and just exuded happiness.  The Georgetown Community Center in San Gabriel park provided a lovely setting for their lovely day.

Perfect example of Mary's uniqueness:  She had her David's Bridal dress customized with navy ribbons and beads AND she made the beautiful flower headband for her sister!

While getting ready, Mary's phone started making strange noises and she looked confused.  That confusion turned into delight, however, when she realized that months and months ago, she had set an alarm for their wedding day.  How cute is this?

I also loved how they incorporated lots of different elements into their wedding that honored their families, like the silver anniversary shoes from Mary's grandmother.

Despite the ridiculous heat, I made the bridal party venture outside for a few photos.  They were very brave!

In a few brief moments of cloud, we enjoyed the beautiful San Gabriel Park.

I feel like not many people know about the sunken garden in San Gabriel park, but it is quite pretty and even had flowers in the middle of the summer!  But the poor garden flowers were slightly overshadowed by the beautiful (and giant!) bouquet from the Flower Box.

Finally though, it was actually time for Mary and Evan to get married!

Despite a bit of difficulty getting the groom's ring on his finger, a VERY stubborn unity candle, and lots of laughter all around, we got to cheer as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

The joyful moments right after the ceremony make me happy!

I have to say, my favorite of the purple details was the cake from Paige's Bakehouse.  Because it was a Reese's cake.  Oh my goodness, so delicious.

The Georgetown Community center has such pretty light!

Before the dancing began, Mary & I snuck away for a few moments to trade her veil for a flower crown from AmoreBride and I got to take more photos in the pretty soft window light.

Mary is a dancer and teaches dance, so naturally, she and Evan's first dance was very graceful and romantic.

Based on the photos below, I think I'm partial to father daughter relationships.  I can speak from experience and say that that relationship is very special (shout out to my dad- I love you!).

Woohoo!  Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!  Thanks for letting me be a part of the first of many happy happy days!