Georgetown portrait photographer

Emma is a Senior!

I know that I'm getting old, because I keep telling people like Emma how weird it is that they are driving or graduating, because I remember when they were just a little squirt.  Ok, so I don't use the word 'squirt', but I'm sure that Emma is getting tired of me exclaiming over the fact that she's a senior!  Seriously though, I've known Emma most of my life and I loved spending time with her wandering around South Congress and Barton Springs.  She is a beautiful person on every level.  Since I'm living in Georgetown now I don't get to see Emma as much as I used to, but luckily we run in the same circles when it comes to Christmas parties, so I've gotten to keep up with her over many games of fireside Rock Stack :) See what I mean?  Gorgeous.  The light couldn't have been better!

I loved all the pretty blue walls to show off Emma's pretty blue eyes!  We then wandered over to Barton Springs and got some AMAZING shots showing Emma's dance skills.  Even though it was about the fifth time I said, "Wait, I have one more idea," our sunset silhouette photos were totally worth sticking around a little longer!

See what I mean?!  Ahhhhh I love my job!!!

Sarah's magical sunrise shoot

Yes, I said magical. I've done a lot of wonderful shoots, but I don't think I would have ever called them magical. So imagine soft golden sunlight pouring into a field of long grass and twisted oaks, the sound of lilting harp melodies floating through the air and and a beautiful friend to photograph. Ok, now picture a deer and it's two baby fawns frolicking in the field with you. Yep, magical. Sarah plays harp for weddings and special events, so I took some photos for her publicity. I couldn't be happier to photograph a girl with so much grace and beauty shining through her.