Georgetown wedding photographer

Jordan & Randy are married!

J&R1 One of my goals as a photographer is to improve with each wedding because I know that each wedding I can learn from my mistake.  Inevitably each wedding poses some challenge, whether it be tough lighting, technical difficulties, or a shortened timeline. But every once in a while, a wedding comes along where everything I've learned falls into place and it all works out perfectly!  This was one of those weddings...a gorgeous happy couple, a super fun bridal party, perfect light, amazing vendors, and an awesome party!  Jordan and Randy are the kind of people who make me love my job even more than I already do.

Linda of Breathtaking Blooms set the stage for the wedding with gorgeous pink and white flowers everywhere, making Reunion Ranch the perfect vintage country wedding venue.



Jordan's gorgeous dress, which she trusted us to bring outside, was the epitome of a princess dress and actually comes from Alfred Angelo's Disney line of dresses!  I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale love story :)


Maybe I should send this to Alfred Angelo for advertising.  The prettiness is almost too much for me to handle.


My friends Haylee and Macy (so grateful that their family recommended me to Jordan!) made the sweetest junior bridesmaids!


Nice rustic burlap details showed up all day!


Good-ness, Jordan!  SO beautiful!


I've got to give a little love to the guys, too.  They were looking pretty schnazzy, and I even got Zack, one of the ring bearers to show them how to be rock stars!


Before the ceremony, Jordan, her bridesmaids, and her wonderful mom took some time to pray for the wedding and more importantly, Randy and Jordan's future together.  Their prayers reminded me how special it is to begin a marriage with the surety and solid foundation of a relationship with God, and the joy that He takes in displaying His love through marriages.


The ceremony archway was decorated beautifully with flowers and lace.







Light!!! Pretty, pretty light!  And such happiness to go along with the pretty light!  The post ceremony moments are some of my favorite because I get the couple away from the hubbub for a few minutes and they can be all excited about being married!



Party time!  Reunion Ranch is perfectly suited for vintage, country chic receptions!  I love the heirloom tables that are becoming popular because family histories are so special in celebrating the foundation of each person entering to a marriage.


Tree trunk centerpieces.  Need I say more?


Simple white cakes and more tree trunks!


One of my favorite things about Reunion Ranch is that they have someone work a spotlight during important moments.  Hello, backlighting!  Jordan's dad's toast ranks among the best toast/welcoming speech I've ever heard, since he included a story and photos of the first time that Jordan brought Randy home to meet her parents.  Her mom and dad dressed up in old-fashioned, super conservative clothes and interrogated him.  He passed the test, and it's a pretty awesome story now!  To make it even better, Jordan's parents dressed up in other over-the-top outfits and then had the guests vote on which photo was the real one.  I just about died laughing (quietly, of course, gotta keep up the professional appearance).


Ok, so I have too many favorite moments in weddings.  But this was so awesome!  During dinner, the groomsmen rushed over and grabbed me to get a spontaneous shot of the bridal party posed as the last supper.  Thanks to someone's smartphone, they pulled up the painting and figured out each person's pose.



Many thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Becca for helping me and getting these great shots from the balcony!



I love a good toast.  It's easy to be too cheesy, too short, too long, too personal, too impersonal, but the bride's brother and the best man seriously nailed it.  Funny, heartwarming, inspiring and a little emotional.  If you need tips, ask these guys!






Congratulations, Jordan and Randy!  It was a joy to be part of your wedding!

JoJo & Randy-1

Anna & Cole are married!

Anna&Cole It was so hard to narrow down photos from Anna & Cole's beautiful March wedding at the Villa on Lake Georgetown because not only were the details and venue amazing, but they are just awesome people!  Anna teaches and coaches and Cole is a minor league baseball players, so both of them are in the position of a role model.  Even just from shooting their wedding I know that they set a good example for the people they are in front of every day.


I love the cute robes the girls got ready in!


Pretty girls in pink!  The beautiful flowers were actually done by some family members.



Oh man, the cloudy sky was a dream to shoot with!


But let me tell you, we had a good time trying to get a serious photo from the guys.  They looked super sharp though!


The guest were greeted by a lovely display of vintage item and a guest book filled with photos of Anna & Cole, setting the stage for the vintage, romantic theme of the whole wedding!


This display of heirloom items, along with all the other vintage things, really did come from Anna's family!  Anna's mom did an amazing job putting together everything in a way that was worthy of a professional, in my opinion.



The ceremony was decorated simply, and elegantly, with rustic tin buckets of baby's breath and a chandelier that I wish I could steal!


Despite the rain earlier that day, Anna's prayers were answered, the rain stopped, and the ceremony got to be outside overlooking the lake!


When I asked Anna what some of her favorite moment of the wedding were, she said that seeing Cole's reaction when she walked down the aisle was on of them.  I have to agree, and I always love getting to photograph that moment!


The fading light presented a challenge photography-wise, but made for a gorgeous twilight ceremony!  And the sunset with the clouds leftover from the storm?  So pretty!




This wedding really showed that while natural light might be my forte, nighttime offers a totally different and seriously gorgeous opportunity to get something a little different!



The lovely pink and grey romantic, vintage theme carried through and made for a lovely reception!  For favors, guests could make up bags of yummy candy.


The centerpieces almost made my vintage-loving self drool.


The precious mini cakes by Be My Cupcake tasted just as good as they looked!



The Villa on Lake Georgetown's reception hall is a great space for a party and I thoroughly enjoyed my first time shooting in the new building!



One of the most touching parts of the wedding for me was the dollar dance because unlike a typical dollar dance which raises money for the couple's honeymoon, Anna and Cole decided to make the dance a fundraiser for Anna's cousin's son, Logan, who is dealing with a rare form of childhood cancer.  It was a really beautiful way to honor and support their family.  Any prayers for Logan and his family would be greatly appreciated!

There were also some amazing dancers making the party super fun, aided by the always awesome DJ Blake Hunter.


In a tribute to Cole's baseball career, he put the garter on a baseball and pitched it, the fun kind of detail that really makes a wedding unique!


Congratulations, Anna & Cole!  It was such a pleasure photographing y'all's wedding!


I have to also give a shout out to my amazing second shooter, Carlos, and assistant, Becca.  Sometimes photographers get sick, and unfortunately I wasn't feeling too well on this day, but they supported me so well the whole wedding.

Melissa & Richard are engaged!

M&R1 I'm so excited to share a few photos from Melissa & Richard's engagement shoot!  Though I didn't know Melissa personally at Southwestern, it's a pretty small campus and we have lots of mutual friends, including both of my roommates! While Melissa has been studying education, Richard has been studying at the Air Force academy and serving our country.  I loved hearing a little bit of their story of best friends to fiances!  Their Kindred Oaks wedding next spring will be so fun!


We took advantage of some of the gorgeous morning light at SU before heading to the square to get some shots with the perfectly restored old car that Richard and his Dad fixed up.




I could take photos in this kind of light forever...they practically had to drag me to our next location (slight exaggeration there, but not by much). M&R5




Thanks for being making my job so fun and easy, Melissa and Richard!  I can't wait for y'all's wedding :)

Katie & Aaron!

I love meeting my brides through other couples who's wedding I've shot because I really do consider being hired through word of mouth one of the greatest honors!  Katie and Aaron are high school sweethearts who just adore each other, as you will be able to tell from the photos.  Aaron faithfully serves our country in the Navy and I love that they chose to reflect that in many of the details of the wedding.  The whole day was such a sweet celebration with family and friends and I love knowing that Katie and Aaron have a wonderful group of people who will love them and support their new life together!

I'm always so excited to shoot a wedding at Kindred Oaks, since it never fails to be beautiful and I get to work with the nicest people.  Zuzu's Petals created phenomenal florals that fit in perfectly with Katie and Aaron's black and pink color scheme.  Katie's mom hand stitched the ring bag.  As I've said before, I love the little things that make each wedding and each couple unique.

Meanwhile, my awesome second shooter, Carlos Barron, got these great first two shots of Aaron getting ready.

Time seemed to fly by as the girls finished getting ready, and before we knew it, it was time for Aaron and Katie to get married!

Wedding ceremonies usually make me a little emotional, but man, this one got me bad.  I mean, look at their faces!  So beautiful.  I'm really thankful that Carlos got the photo of Katie and her dad walking down the aisle, especially since they have such a close relationship.

We had to race to get the last light of the day, but it turned out perfectly!  Aren't the LOVE letters awesome?

Katie surprised Aaron with a slideshow of photos throughout the years of their relationship.

Congratulations, Katie and Aaron!

Bridal Attire: Alfred Angelo
Hair & Makeup: Razmataz Salon
Caterer: Capital BBQ
DJ/Photo Booth: Complete Music
Florist: ZuZu's Petals
Stationary: Works on Paper
Ceremony Music: Hyde Park Strings
Bar Service: Hill Country Events

Heather & Nick's Wedding!

Heather and Nick became Mr. and Mrs. Ortner on January 13th, 2012 and it was glorious.  I know Heather from church and was excited for pretty much the past 8 months about the wedding, especially knowing Heather's super classy style and fun personality.  Sure enough, the wedding did not disappoint.  More than anything though, I love that Heather and Nick's wedding wasn't just about a day, it was celebrating the fact that God brought these two together for the rest of their lives. When I arrived at Arbor Pointe, the reception hall where everyone was getting ready, I was blown away.  Not only is the venue itself gorgeous, but all of Heather's hard work paid off and it looked stunning, with a romantic, Victorian-inspired theme. But I'll show you that stuff later!  I like to be chronological so we'll start with the girls getting ready.  To date, this wedding produced a few of my most favoritest detail shots ever:

P.S. Heather made her bouquet and her mom made the garters.  Do you think I can convince them to go into business with me?  They'll make stuff and I'll just take photos of it.  I think this is a good plan.

Look at these gorgeous girls.  They are wonderful and make awesome models!

I can't get over how beautiful Heather was/is all the time.  My sweet second shooter caught this next photo, which I adore.

Now, on to the very dapper men!

The light outside was heavenly.  And Nick looked as awesomely cool as every groom should look on his wedding day.

We then headed over to the Texas Baptist Children's Home chapel, where the ceremony was to be held.

I love the delight in the Lord and delight in one another that shone so clearly throughout the ceremony.

I know I've said this countless times before, but I love my job.

Now you get to see reception photos!  So many beautiful details!

They even had a hot cocoa station!  And combining two of my favorite things, Heather found unique gourmet popcorn and displayed it in an old suitcase for favors!  The beautiful cake was created by Classy Cakes by Lori and the grooms cake (Heather and Nick both went to Tech) was made by my wonderful friend Sonnet, of Sweet Intentions.

Can you tell this was a fun wedding?!  And it just kept getting better!  Gobo Entertainment did an amazing job with lights and music to make the reception quite a party.  But by now your eyes are probably glazing over from all the photos, so I'll try to wrap it up.

Yes, that is the bride doing the splits in her dress.  I hope everyone else is as ridiculously impressed as I am.

Congratulations, Heather and Nick!  Y'all are awesome and I know your marriage will be too!

Cuteness overload (aka a baby and people in love)

I really should be asleep right now, not working on a blog post, but I got caught up in editing photos and I COULDN'T KEEP THE CUTENESS TO MYSELF.  Also, apparently the later it is, the more dramatic my writing is!  First up are a few photos of Heather and Nick's engagement session.  One of the things that I love about wedding photography is getting to know awesome people, such as Heather.  Over the past 9 months Heather and I have enjoyed many wedding talks over coffee that turned into talks about life, God, marriage, and other fun things.  So after all that talking, it was awesome to actually take some photos!!!  Next are photos of one of the cutest babies EVER, so stick around.

So now get ready to fall in love with one of the happiest, most adorable babies I've ever met.  Sawyer also has some of the coolest parents ever, so I can't wait to see what he's like when he grows up!  It was RIDICULOUSLY hard to choose only a few photos for a sneak peek, so enjoy!  I'll definitely share more later. In the meantime, merry almost Christmas!

Kim & Thomas!

Yay for sneak peeks!  Let me tell you though...they take a lot longer than you'd think because I am so indecisive when it comes to picking a few photos!  This was my first wedding at Angel Springs and it was beautiful!  I loved that the wedding was pretty small and really did feel like a bunch of friends and family hanging out, having a good time.  Thanks for including me in the fun, Kim & Thomas!

Drew & Karen Sneak Peek!

It was a dark and stormy night...just kidding...sort of.  Drew and Karen's beautiful Cimmaron Hills wedding was threatened by the first rain storm in what seems like 5 years, but the festivities continued without being dampened (sorry for the terrible pun)!  Seriously, the rain could have made them super stressed, but I loved how Karen and Drew were just so happy to be married, rain or shine! Enjoy the sneak peek!  And yes, that is a camo vest and tie that Drew is wearing :)

Ashley & Parker: Kindred Oaks wedding (pt. 2)

Ok, here's round two of Ashley and Parker's wedding!  As you may remember, we left off as Ashley's father walked her down the aisle.  The ceremony followed pretty much as ceremonies do, but with the unique infusion of love and joy that makes every wedding special. Because we'd already gotten the formal photos done, we got to go straight to the reception!  And as you can tell by how the wedding party entered, it was a good time.  Parker & Ashley's first dance was super sweet- they danced to Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund's "Give in to Me."  As I was shooting, I was frustrated that I couldn't get any shots without people in the background.  But then it hit me- how awesome is it that Parker and Ashley are starting this part of their life together literally  surrounded by people who love and support them?  Love when revelations hit me while I'm taking photos.

Seeing the beautiful sunset behind the reception hall, I grabbed Parker and Ashley after their first dance while everyone was getting food and got a few more shots of them.  Little did I know that these would turn out to be some of my favorite bride and groom portraits yet.

Enough of the adorableness and back to the party!  Dinner was catered by CJ's, an awesome catering company that I've worked weddings with before and am always impressed by the food.

After dinner it was time for dancing!

Receptions are just filled with so many fun things- cake, dancing, photobooths- what more could you want?  The "Angry Bird" grooms cake by The Cakery in Lubbock was definitely a favorite.  And as you can see, people really had a good time dancing!

After much more dancing and fun times, it was time for Parker and Ashley to make their grand exit!  And I'd say an old red Rolls Royce is a pretty fun way to exit as a newly married couple.  Don't ask me any more about the car, because I don't know anything about cars, but it sure did look pretty!

Many blessings on y'all's marriage, Parker and Ashley, it was such a joy to document the beginning of y'all's life together!

Kindred Oaks Wedding: Parker & Ashley's sneak peek!

This past Sunday, much of central Texas watched anxiously as fires spread across the countryside.  But in the midst of the fires and the drought and the heat, Parker and Ashley were blessed with a beautiful wedding at Kindred Oaks.  All day I was praying that we would get some clouds, that it would cool down, and that the gale-force winds wouldn't blow everyone away, and indeed, by the time I arrived at Kindred Oaks, everything was perfect! One of my favorites moments occurred right before the photo on the left.  As she held his hand, Ashley looked at the new wedding band on Parker's ring finger and asked how it felt.  "It feels big," he responded at first, feeling the weight of the ring, but after a looking at his wife he added, "no, it feels perfect."    I hope that these photos (and the many, many more to come) convey that sweet contentment Ashley and Parker exude when they're together.

Kim's bridal photos!

I love exploring new places to take photos, but the Dunvegan Keep certainly wins for the most unique.  With a variety of interesting sculptures and doors and gateways, we were kept quite entertained during Kim's bridal shoot.  It felt a little like we traveled through time and around the world, all the while in a residential area of South Austin.  Her lovely bouquet from A Matter of Taste in Georgetown added a nice touch to the shoot, but ultimately the photos turned out beautifully because Kim is gorgeous! I'm so glad that I can share a few of these now that she's married!

Drew & Karen

I'm totally a country girl at heart, so getting to do this engagement shoot in the Hill Country near Leander was awesome.  I love the way that the Texas country is so beautiful, even in the middle of a drought!  And how much better is the hill country when you get to hang out with an awesome couple?  Karen and Drew were so fun to work with- I can't wait for their wedding later in the year!