Hyatt Regency Austin Texas

Amber & Terry: Hyatt Regency Wedding

One of my favorite things about weddings today is how free people feel to make them completely unique.  In this case, Amber and Terry had a 1920's themed wedding with an intimate ceremony and larger reception on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency overlooking downtown Austin.  After seeing how fun it was to have everyone dressed up, I was a little jealous that I didn't bust out my own flapper dress!

Amber incorporated several special heirlooms into her day, which matched the vintage/20's theme perfectly.  The story of her pearl necklace delighted me the most; her grandfather bought her grandmother an individual pearl every year for their anniversary and added it to the necklace.  So sweet!

I had a lot of fun with all the interesting details in the hotel room where the ceremony was held.  Amber told me when we first started talking about her wedding that she wasn't going to decorate a whole lot because the hotel is already so beautiful and the costumed guests would do make it more special than decorations could.

Proof that being a photographer makes me feel creepy:  I spotted Amber's father across the hotel and sneakily snapped a photo.  The open atrium in the Hyatt makes for cool photos!

After a few last finishing touches and toasts, the only thing that stood between Amber and her almost-husband was a final few moments with her father.  I particularly love the shot that my awesome second shooter, Emilee, got of Amber's sweet hand-written vows.

Amber & Terry's ceremony defines the term "short and sweet."  I never knew that so much beautiful emotion could fit into 10 minutes!  Their devotion to one another shone through the whole thing.

Yay!  Husband and wife :)

We then headed outside to get some shots with the Congress bridge and the whole Austin skyline!  Being a beautiful day Friday afternoon, it was quite busy and plenty of people jumped on the chance to congratulate the radiant couple.

Party time!  The top floor of the Regency provided us with the gorgeous backdrop of the Austin skyline and a fine space for dancing and merriment.

Amber and Terry, y'all's wedding was so fun and meaningful!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!