Kindred Oaks

Jenn & Ben are married!

JB It seems like I waited FOREVER to shoot Jenn and Ben's wedding!  It was truly a pleasure to get to know them over the course of their engagement.  I'm pretty sure that everyone who meets them would agree that they are so fun and the wedding lived up to that reputation.  I've never laughed so hard at a wedding or so often at a wedding!  Kindred Oaks (as usual) made the perfect place for them to declare their commitment to one another and then have a stinking awesome party.

I feel like I'm constantly bragging on Zuzu's Petals, but they deserve it!  Their bouquets are always exquisite.




I seriously couldn't have made up light as pretty as we got in for the girl's photos!  Can you see the fun-ness I'm talking about here?!


Ahhh, Jenn looked so beautiful.  Her phenomenal hair and make-up was done by Shaune from Bang Salon.


And did you ever see a cuter flower girl?!  Such a scene-stealer.



My wonderful friend and second shooter Jessie was kind enough to grab some photos of the guys.


This was one of my most favorite moments of the whole time.  Jenn and her father have a close relationship, so their embrace before the ceremony was so sweet.


The cloudy day made for AMAZING light at the ceremony.




This might have been a little too much fun...adventurous groomsmen is 85% of why I have insurance!  But it did make for a pretty cool photo!





Cakes by Kathy never fail to be beautiful and tasty!


And then the fun never stopped!



During Jenn and Ben's first dance, the flower girl and a little boy copied every twirl and spin that the newlyweds made.  They had the whole place in stitches!  I almost couldn't take photos I was laughing so hard.


I also have to point out that I am seriously jealous of Jenn's dance skills.  I knew that she had dancing in her background, but wow.  She and the bridal party kept the crowd dancing with their awesome energy.


Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor!!!


Sarah & Carlos's Wedding Story

S&C1 I'm so happy to finally publish Sarah & Carlos' wedding photos, along with, for the first time, a wedding video!!!  That's right...I have teamed up with Carlos Barron to provide beautiful short wedding videos for my awesome brides and grooms.  If you remember my promo video, Carlos is the one responsible for filming and editing it.  I will be adding more information about adding a short wedding video to your photography package to my website shortly.  So without further ado, the first ever Shelley Elena Photography wedding video!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Now a few photos to tell Sarah & Carlos' story in a different way.  As usual, Zuzu's outdid themselves with the delicate pink and white florals.


Sarah & Carlos DIYed a lot of the details, including this sweet wreath with photos of the two of them growing up.


When I borrowed Sarah's engagement ring, she pointed out the coolest thing about it- there are infinity symbols hidden in it!


As the guys prepared for the big day, they opened their super cool gifts- original comic books from Carlos, and superhero cufflinks from Sarah!


Of course, they had to show off their cufflinks!


Meanwhile the girls were getting all prettied up.  I loved seeing how close Sarah is to her parents.  She made sure to incorporate lots of family heirlooms into the day, and even wore her mom's veil, which matched her dress as if they were made together!


Kindred Oaks has the prettiest light for walking down the aisle.



Woohoo!  Husband and wife!


Of course, we had to go take some photos with the LOVE letters that Kindred Oaks recycled from their old deck!  And let me tell you, this bridal party rocked it.




My favorite part...time alone with the newlyweds!




Kathy, of Cakes by Kathy, did a beautiful job, as usual!  It's probably too small to see, but Carlos' cake topper has a Silver Surfer shirt :)





Congratulations, Sarah & Carlos!

Ashley & Parker: Kindred Oaks wedding (pt. 2)

Ok, here's round two of Ashley and Parker's wedding!  As you may remember, we left off as Ashley's father walked her down the aisle.  The ceremony followed pretty much as ceremonies do, but with the unique infusion of love and joy that makes every wedding special. Because we'd already gotten the formal photos done, we got to go straight to the reception!  And as you can tell by how the wedding party entered, it was a good time.  Parker & Ashley's first dance was super sweet- they danced to Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund's "Give in to Me."  As I was shooting, I was frustrated that I couldn't get any shots without people in the background.  But then it hit me- how awesome is it that Parker and Ashley are starting this part of their life together literally  surrounded by people who love and support them?  Love when revelations hit me while I'm taking photos.

Seeing the beautiful sunset behind the reception hall, I grabbed Parker and Ashley after their first dance while everyone was getting food and got a few more shots of them.  Little did I know that these would turn out to be some of my favorite bride and groom portraits yet.

Enough of the adorableness and back to the party!  Dinner was catered by CJ's, an awesome catering company that I've worked weddings with before and am always impressed by the food.

After dinner it was time for dancing!

Receptions are just filled with so many fun things- cake, dancing, photobooths- what more could you want?  The "Angry Bird" grooms cake by The Cakery in Lubbock was definitely a favorite.  And as you can see, people really had a good time dancing!

After much more dancing and fun times, it was time for Parker and Ashley to make their grand exit!  And I'd say an old red Rolls Royce is a pretty fun way to exit as a newly married couple.  Don't ask me any more about the car, because I don't know anything about cars, but it sure did look pretty!

Many blessings on y'all's marriage, Parker and Ashley, it was such a joy to document the beginning of y'all's life together!

Kindred Oaks Wedding: Parker & Ashley's sneak peek!

This past Sunday, much of central Texas watched anxiously as fires spread across the countryside.  But in the midst of the fires and the drought and the heat, Parker and Ashley were blessed with a beautiful wedding at Kindred Oaks.  All day I was praying that we would get some clouds, that it would cool down, and that the gale-force winds wouldn't blow everyone away, and indeed, by the time I arrived at Kindred Oaks, everything was perfect! One of my favorites moments occurred right before the photo on the left.  As she held his hand, Ashley looked at the new wedding band on Parker's ring finger and asked how it felt.  "It feels big," he responded at first, feeling the weight of the ring, but after a looking at his wife he added, "no, it feels perfect."    I hope that these photos (and the many, many more to come) convey that sweet contentment Ashley and Parker exude when they're together.