ribbon wand flower girls

Katy & Colton!

I'm still filled with so much joy from Katy & Colton's wedding!  After living with Katy's sister, Kirsten, in college, I felt completely part of their family and I'm pretty sure that everyone who knows them would say the same thing.  The wedding took place under the giant pecan trees of Katy's grandparent's land in Holland, Texas.  No other place could hold such special meaning for Katy & Colton, since Katy grew up visiting the River House (as they so fondly call it), it's where the couple spent so much time growing in friendship and love, and finally where Colton proposed to Katy last year.  The wedding truly could not have happened without the amazing support of the wonderful people who love Katy & Colton.  From the ridiculously gorgeous wedding cakes made by Katy's aunt, to the meticulously crafted details made by Katy and her sisters, to the flowers done by the bridesmaids (and me!  I'm good at tying ribbon now!) everything was a cheerful act of service to a couple who lives to love and serve.

The girls got all prettied up in the guest house, still outfitted with dollhouses from years of granddaughters' visits.

I just could not get enough of the peach, mint and baby blue details, executed in perfect rustic style.  Since Katy & Colton both have huge hearts for missions, a travel theme was woven throughout the day, including the amazing invitations that they made themselves.

Did I mention that they had a crazy big wedding party?  11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 3 flower girls, and a ring bearer.  However, I know that they couldn't imagine not including a single one of these fabulous people.  I was honored to spend the night with the girls and see why Katy loves all of these ladies!

P.S.  Cutest flower girls EVER.  I could have done a whole blog post on just their adorableness.

They may have been a bit difficult to get on, but the groomsmen had some of the most creative boutonnieres I've ever seen, dreamt up by Katy.

This is what happens when I tell Colton that I want to take his picture.  This is also why Colton is a great youth pastor haha!

First look!!! Pretty much had me crying right here.  Katy & Colton saw each other for the first time on their wedding day in the same place they got engaged and the same place they would get married in a few short hours.  It was so sweet to see them get a chance to pray together and just enjoy a moment away from the craziness.  And they made those doors, of course, adorned with the verse from Song of Solomon, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

So many awesome people in one photo!

My wonderful second shooter and I scurried around before the ceremony started, trying to capture all of the amazing details put together by Katy and her friends and family.

The guestbook was a globe!  I might have to steal that one day...

Peach roses, burlap chevron table runners, and globe centerpieces?  Too much prettiness for me to handle.

I love these people!  And their different expressions of joy (mixed with all kinds of other emotions, but mostly joy) :)

They had so much fun dancing with their ribbons!

Favorite moment:  I've never seen people radiate with joy as much as this moment.

I love the way that Katy & Colton's wedding showed honor to their friends and family, and more than anything, the way that they wholeheartedly praised God for his goodness.

Mad props for my second shooter, Cassie, for getting the shot during communion!

Such a great first kiss and exit!

Colton & Katy shared their first dance under the pecans before we snuck away for a few photos of just the two of them.

And this is the part where I died and went to heaven.  Look at the light.  Feel it's glow.  Make fun of me all you want, but few things make me happier in life than sweet radiant sunlight.  Getting to photograph newly married people in that light is a bonus!

Back to the reception!  I can't get over how amazing those cakes were.  And the dinner was breakfast!  Pancakes at a wedding?!  Heck yes.

So after toasts, food, and dancing, Katy & Colton left, now husband and wife!

Congratulations, Katy & Colton!  Y'all's love is a beautiful picture of God's love for us, and I'm so blessed to have had the chance to photograph that love!