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Lutherhill Wedding: Elise & Rory are married!

With all of the craziness of throwing a giant party for all of your friends and family, sometimes you lose sight of the fact that a wedding is actually centered around a ceremony.  That ceremony might only be 30 minutes, but it impacts the rest of your life in profound ways and shouldn't just fly by with the rest of the day.  During Rory & Elise's ceremony, time seemed to stand still.  The rain outside fell insistently on the tin roof and guests sat in a circle around Rory & Elise as they made vows that bound their souls together.  While rain on your wedding day can be a bummer, in that moment it felt perfect, sacred and intimate, as though nothing else existed but that moment.  Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0001Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0002Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0003Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0004Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0005Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0006Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0007Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0008Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0009Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0010Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0012Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0011Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0013Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0014Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0015Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0016Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0017Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0018Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0019Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0020Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0021Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0022Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0023Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0024Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0025Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0026Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0028Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0027Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0029Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0030Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0031Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0032Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0033Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0034Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0035Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0036Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0037Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0038Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0039Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0040Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0041Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0042Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0043Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0044Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0045Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0046Lutherhill Wedding- Rory & Elise_0047

Fair Market Austin Wedding: Allie & Louis are married!

Wait for this kind of love.  A kind of love that looks at you the way Louis looks at Allie, and causes 200 people to joyfully sing "Hey Jude" while you do your first dance.  Wait for a love that makes you laugh and cry with happiness.  Wait for a love that compels you to write your own vows to reflect how special your relationship is. Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0000 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0001 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0002 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0003 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0004 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0005 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0006 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0007 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0008 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0009 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0010 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0011 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0012 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0013 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0014 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0015 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0016 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0017 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0018 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0019 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0020 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0021 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0022 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0023 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0024 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0025 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0026 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0027 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0028 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0029 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0030 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0031 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0032 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0033 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0034 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0035 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0036 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0037 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0038 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0039 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0040 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0041 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0042 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0043 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0044 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0045 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0046 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0047 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0048 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0049 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0050 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0051 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0052 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0053 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0054 Fair Market Austin Wedding- A&L_0055

These vendors make wedding dreams come true!

Event Coordination: Your Wedding, Your Way

Venue: Fair Market

Catering: Pascal's

Cake: Austintatious Cheesecakes

Candy: Maggie Louise Confections

Florals: Petals, Ink.

Rentals: Loot Vintage Rental; Bee Lavish Rentals; Premiere Events Austin

Light & Parachute Installation: The Werd Company

Mercury Hall Wedding: Linh & Greg are married!

This post is brought to you by family.  As Linh said eloquently to their guests, Greg & Linh wouldn't have been celebrating their wedding if it weren't for the love and dedication of their parents.  The bride and groom, obviously, usually get all of the attention on this blog, but today I want to thank all the parents and grandparents and godparents and family friends of my brides and grooms.  Thank you for pouring out your devotion over the years and raising sons & daughters to fall in love with someone else's son or daughter.  Whatever difficulties have come and gone throughout your relationship, I can see the deeper imprints of love every time I take a photo.  Now that I'm thinking how awesome parents are, I'm going to go look at photos from my wedding and cry about how much I love my mom & dad!  You go cry and enjoy Greg & Linh's wedding! Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0001 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0002 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0003 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0004 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0005 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0006 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0007 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0008 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0009 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0010 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0011 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0012 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0013 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0014 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0015 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0016 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0017 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0018 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0019 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0020 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0021 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0022 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0023 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0024 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0025 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0026 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0027 Mercury Hall Austin Wedding- Greg & Linh_0028

Thanks to everyone who made this Wednesday wedding rock!

Event Coordination: Your Wedding, Your Way

Venue: Mercury Hall

Hair & Makeup: Adore Salon

Catering: Peached Tortilla

Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery

Florals: Exquisite Petals

DJ: Live Oak DJ

Dripping Springs Backyard Wedding: Zena & Janek are married!

Janek buttoned his suit in his childhood bedroom, while his bride laughed and cried with her bridesmaids and mom in the room next door, changing from the robes that Zena's mom had handmade into their beautiful long dresses.  While everyone finished getting ready, I borrowed the rings to take photos of them on quartz that Janek's family found on their land.  Hiding behind a tree during their first look, I got chills when I saw the pure joy beaming from their faces.  -HOLD ON- Sorry this is so sappy, y'all, I keep trying to be cool about how much I loved photographing this wedding, but it isn't working.  So just to give you the fast version of why I loved it:  Zena tearfully Skyping with sister and family in Ukraine, special bracelet from said sister, also sweet letter from sister, LIGHT FOR DAYZZZZ, pre-ceremony piano playing and laid-back toasting, amazing family who made everything happen, laughter-filled ceremony, Russian quote about love, surprise accordion recessional, MORE PERFECT LIGHT!, portraits that make me weak at the knees, twinkly light reception under the full moon, live band, sneaking a dancing with my brother (cute guy in the yellow rose shirt), night portrait experiment success, and unquantifiable amounts of love.  See, I just saved you about 20 minutes by just making a list.  Now stop reading and look at the photos! Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0008Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0009Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0001 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0002 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0003 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0004 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0005 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0006 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0007 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0010 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0011Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0015 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0013Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0017 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0018 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0019 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0020 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0021 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0022 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0023 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0024 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0025 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0026 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0027 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0028 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0029 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0031 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0032 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0033 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0034 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0035 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0037 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0038 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0039 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0040 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0041 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0042 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0044 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0045 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0046 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0047 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0048 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0049 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0050 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0052 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0054 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0055 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0056 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0057 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0058 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0059 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0060 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0061 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0062 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0063 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0064 Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0065

Polish-Ukranian Texas Hill Country Wedding_0066

P.S. Thanks to Texas Blooms for the stunning bouquets and Hermanas Event & Wedding Planning for make the day happen!