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Reunion Ranch Wedding: Cortney & Scott are married!

Recently I heard a snippet of a Wordsworth poem that made me think of the joy that Cortney & Scott exuded on their wedding day, so I'm going to share it.  My literature-loving heart cringes a bit at taking one line of a poem out of context, but it will just have to deal. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower; we will hold on to what remains.

Their wedding day has passed, the flowers have died, the cake has been eaten, and the exuberant dance party has ended, but Cortney & Scott have something worth infinitely more than those things.  And though their marriage will long outlast any of the details of a wedding day, that doesn't negate the glory of a day spent rejoicing.  I often stress the fact that the marriage is what's important, not the wedding.  But because I know that Cortney & Scott know the weight of their covenant together, today, let's celebrate a day full of splendor & joy that passed all too quickly.

Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0001Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0002Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0003Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0004Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0005Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0006Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0007Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0008Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0009Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0010Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0011Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0012Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0013Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0014Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0015Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0016Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0017Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0018Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0019Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0020Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0022Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0023Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0025Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0026Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0027Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0028Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0029Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0030Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0031Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0032Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0033Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0034Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0035Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0036Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0037Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0038Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0039Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0040Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0041Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0042Reunion Ranch Wedding- Cortney & Scott_0043

Venue: Crestview Baptist Church; Reunion Ranch
Florals: Verbena Floral Design
Hair: Razzmatazz Salon
Makeup: my sister, Brooke Carlson
Catering: Reunion Ranch
Dress Shop: David's Bridal
Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Cakes: Humble Pie Desserts
DJ: Reunion Ranch

Kindred Oaks Wedding: Rachel & Matt are married!

Rachel & Matt's wedding at Kindred Oaks couldn't have been more perfect: they are beautiful inside and out, the weather was gorgeous, and I had perfect lighting all day.  After all the rain we've had this fall, it was a relief to have a day that didn't involve alternate plans.  However, the things that made Rachel & Matt's wedding wonderful aren't the kinds of things that rain could ruin.  For example, their fathers wanted a photo together, and then couldn't stop laughing long enough to look at the camera.  Rachel and Matt both inherited that same spirit, making the wedding so fun.  I love knowing that my couples have such strong relationships with each other and their families that it doesn't matter if they get married during a hurricane or on a perfect day, as long as they are together!

Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0001Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0002Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0003Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0005Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0004Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0006Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0007Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0008Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0009Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0010Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0011Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0012Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0013Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0014Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0015Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0016Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0017Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0018Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0019Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0020Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0021Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0022Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0023Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0024Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0025Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0026Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0028Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0027Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0029Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0033Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0030Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0031Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0032Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0034Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0036Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0037Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0038Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0040Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0041Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0042Kindred Oaks Texas Wedding- R&M_0043
Florals: Zuzu's Petals
Hair & Makeup: Mindy Orsak

Catering: Catering by Mopsie

Invitations: Minted

Dress Designer: Allure Bridal

Dress Shop: Weddings By Debbie

Groom's Attire: Perry Ellis Cakes: Sweet Treets Bakery

DJ: D&C Entertainment

Jewelry: Kate Spade