Umlauf Sculpture Garden Wedding Inspiration

I often hear people talk about how much weddings have changed even over the last 50 years, with much more elaborate decor and food and parties, but I love that today's weddings bring a greater appreciation for fading arts that were once commonplace.  The slow process of building a hand tied bouquet or meticulously crafting delicate desserts gets lost in the name of utility and instant gratification.  While y'all know that I adore the moments that happen in real weddings, the pure artistry displayed this Brides of Austin inspiration shoots made me happy too!  

Design & Planning: Big Time Creatives

Venue: Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Florals: Whim Hospitality

Macaron Cake: Simon Lee Bakery

Rentals: Premiere Events

Hair & Makeup: My Style Team

Dress: Serendipity Bridal

Mercury Hall Wedding: Ashley & Alex!

I know that love languages are usually split into categories like words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time, but I'm pretty sure that one of my love languages is finding small world connections.  You can then understand why I'm a huge fan of Ashley and Alex- I photographed the wedding of one of Ashley's bridesmaids and the wedding of Alex's step sister.  Throw in the fact that I'm a huge fan of their dog, Chip, they got married at Mercury Hall, one of my favorite venues, and just how happily content they are together, and it's not surprising that their day checked all the boxes of my wedding photography love languages. 

Venue: Mercury Hall

Catering: Peached Tortilla

Florals: HEB Blooms

DJ: Greenbelt DJ

Desserts: Green Lily Bakery

Ceremony Music: Terra Vista Strings

Hair: Kelsey Adams

Makeup: Jasmine Ellis Makeup

Second Shooter: Christin Hume Photography

Lone Oak Barn Wedding: Taylor & Dustin!

You know that feeling when something finally makes sense and you just get it?  I had a moment like that while shooting Dustin & Taylor's wedding.  I'd been trying to get a great wedding day double exposure for a while, but each time the photos failed to live up to my vision.  Then while Taylor got dressed, I got the perfect overlay of flowers onto her silhouette.  Forgive the pun, but it just clicked, in the same that Taylor and Dustin click together.  You see them together and know that nothing else would make sense.  It only took me a year to blog, but better late than never, right?

Winfield Inn Wedding: Sarah & Matthew!

I'm not normally much of a crier.  But I tell you what, people being nice to each other at weddings gets me every time!  Whether it's the vows, the speeches, or even the sweet words spoken to calm nerves just before the ceremony, I'm always reminded of the power of publicly honoring and loving one another.  Sarah & Matthew are the rare kind of people who do that anyways, which gave every kind word and thoughtful detail that much more impact, because they live their lives with such sincerity anyways.  P.S. I could write paragraphs more about how I love them and their wedding, but for brevity's sake, just keep an eye out for the mini tissue boxes for happy tears.  I could have used 5 of them while editing their photos!

Ian's Chapel Wedding: Andrea & Anthony!

"You are my succulent and I will always be the dirt for you to grow in," Anthony told Andrea during their handwritten vows, alluding to his knowledge of Andrea's love of succulents and quirky declarations of love.  But more than just being sweet, it is so true that marriage means making a place for the other person to grow and flourish.  It means choosing humility and having the ability to laugh at yourself and with each other (and sometimes at each other), which Anthony and Andrea have no problem doing.  Enjoy their joyful day, killer style, and stunningly stormy skies!    

Venue: Camp Lucy's Ian's Chapel

Florals & Catering: Whim Hospitality

Coordinator: Your Wedding Your Way

Hair: Beauty Mark Agency

Makeup: Make The Rest Up

DJ: Byrne Rock

Cake: Michelle's Patisserie

Videographer: Ladybird Films

Photo Booth: Pixster

Calligraphy: Lunita 

Brodie Homestead Wedding: Dilia & Matthew

Each time I shoot a wedding, I feel like a detective, searching for clues that will help me tell a couple's story.  Those little hints show up in the surprises that the bride plans for her dad, the songs that a grandmother sings during the ceremony, the Juan in a Million tacos served for dinner, and of course, the words spoken during toasts.  Wedding toasts are often cast as cliches or a chance to tell embarrassing stories, but in my experience, they give a rare opportunity for people to publicly express their love for their family & friends.  During Dilia & Matthew's reception, their siblings spoke of Dilia's kindness and generosity and Matthew's ability to squeeze every bit of life out of each moment.  I have no doubt that those words resonated with all of the guests who have known the bride and groom for years, but it didn't take much detective work for me to notice the same things on their wedding day.  

Reception Venue: Brodie Homestead

Ceremony Venue: St. Louis Catholic Church

Caterer: Juan in a Million

Florist: Little Yellow Flower

Music: Matchmaker Band (who will make any party amazing!)

Wildflower Center Winter Wedding: Owen & Kemper

"Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” – Don McCullin

Most people give speeches with words to communicate their love, joy, and pride on a wedding day, but Michael shared photographs of his daughter.  Audible gasps echoed around the room as each new photograph came up on the screen.  When the people you photograph are the people you have loved, the force of that love in indelibly imbedded in those photographs.  It helps that Michael is a talented and renowned photographer, but in that moment, he was just a proud dad showing his love in the best way he knew how.  Having known Owen since our brothers started playing soccer together more than a decade ago, I find it only fitting that these two adventurous and well loved people got married outside on a misty day with stretches of wild land behind them and almost 20 dear friends beside them, not to mention the hundreds of family and friends there in support. 

Hot Texas Swing Band Music Video

I used to be terrified to do anything new or foreign because I knew that I wouldn't be good at it right away.  But at some point, I learned that things can be fun without being perfect!  Enter my foray into making music videos.  First was my video for Free The Honey, and now a video of my dad's original song, "Ain't Dead Yet" with the Hot Texas Swing Band.  It's so fun to create in a new way, making beauty out of movement and light and music.   

Austin Elopement: Rachel & Casey

I tell every couple I meet with that they should do whatever they want for their wedding and not fall prey to the hype that can steal attention away from the most important thing about a wedding: marriage.  With Rachel and Casey, that advice wasn't really necessary.  It didn't take long to realize that they already live their lives that way, pursuing what brings them joy, which is how we ended up with a couple of friends at Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood for a super intimate and completely secret elopement.  If you love good design, tiny weddings, or Harry Potter proposals, check out their excellent website announcing their elopement!  

Allan House Wedding: Kelsey & Myles

At most weddings, I know the bride and groom, and maybe their parents, but largely show up without any knowledge of the community that surrounds the birth of their marriage.  I enjoy gleaning bits of information about the couple through the interactions with their friends and family, but the years of going to church with Kelsey & Myle's wedding gave me the sweet experience of knowing the people who prayed at their wedding, played music, and danced into the night.  Each photo holds such special meaning knowing the significance they will have to not only the bride & groom, but their families and friends, who are also my dear friends!  Not to mention the fact that even a freezing cold Wednesday in January can be the perfect day for a magical wedding.


Brodie Homestead Wedding: Ashley & Ryan!

Having just finished their first dance as husband and wife, complete with the romantic dip at the end, Ashley requested the microphone and looked out at all the people gathered around her and Ryan.  She then explained that since her father had passed away years ago, in place of a father-daughter dance, she wanted to dedicate a dance to her mom.  Ashley spoke of the strength and dedication her mom had shown while raising her three daughters and then of the song, Rise, by Andra Day, that she'd heard at ACL just a few weeks before.  As they danced and the music swelled, I don't think that anyone even tried to hold back tears, myself included.  I looked over at Ryan, as he stood arm in arm with his family and couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of love.  It's so much bigger than a wedding, yet so few times in life allow us the space to pay tribute to that love in the way it deserves, and for that, I'll always thankful for weddings. 


Austin Wedding Photographer: Katie & Marco!

Every wedding unites two people with different childhood experiences, family traditions, and hometowns.  In Katie & Marco's case, that includes two continents, two languages, and two cultures.  I loved walking around during cocktail hour hearing the mix of Spanish & English as Bolivians and Minnesotans became one family in the beautiful hill country of Texas

Venue: UT Golf Club

Florals: The Flower Girl

Coordinating: Swoop Events

Catering: 2 Dine 4

DJ: Groove Labs

Hair & Make up: Joel Ray Salon

Lawn Games: Bee Lavish

Ingalls Creek // Washington Wedding

In my 5 years of being a wedding photographer, I've learned that everyone expresses their love differently.  At the risk of sounding super creepy, I've been delighted to discover those unique ways that couples demonstrate their love for one another.  I equally adore my quietly sweet clients and vivaciously affectionate ones.  But I tell you what, I'm pretty pumped to share these ridiculously fun photos of Kevin & Ashelyn being their joyful, exuberant selves.  They are pure magic together.   The location was pretty magical too, and after seeing the light stream over the mountains at the Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center, I almost didn't come back to Texas!

Colorado Wedding: Hunter & Ali are married!

For 11 months and a few days, I anxiously awaited July 23rd, 2016 because it would mark my first mountain wedding that (hopefully) wouldn't involve torrential rain and 3 inches of sleet.  Each email from Ali involved some exciting detail (Ceremony in front of Tomichi Dome! Working horse ranch! Reception in a 100 year old barn!  Hot Springs!) that made me more and more anxious for July to arrive.  It didn't hurt that my oldest childhood friend would be playing music during the ceremony, either.  But all my expectations for an adventurous wedding at the gorgeous Waunita Hot Springs Ranch didn't prepare me for the sweetest part of the wedding- Ali & Hunter's devotion to each other.  Their love shone so brightly that we wouldn't have needed to be in an amazing location for the wedding to be captivating!

Mo Ranch Wedding: Audrey & Mitch!

If you head west from Austin, pass through Dripping Springs and go all the way to Fredericksburg and then keep going west, you'll end up in Kerville.  But if you drive a little further, you'll pass through the little town of Hunt and then find yourself in the deep, true Texas Hill Country.  You'll also find yourself at Mo Ranch, a camp along the towering banks of the Guadalupe.  After the long drive, arriving at Mo Ranch for Audrey & Mitch's weekend of wedding festivities felt like an escape from reality: beautiful views, canoes, water slides, and little to no cell service.  But while it might have felt that way for the guests and myself,  Audrey & Mitch already live a life that is adventure and travel.  They don't need to escape because exploring interesting places with the people they love is normal.  Maybe we should all aspire to make our weekends (and weekdays!) so vibrant that wedding weekends can be a continuation of a life we love already. Mo Ranch Wedding_0060


Mo Ranch Wedding_0061Mo Ranch Wedding_0062Mo Ranch Wedding_0063Mo Ranch Wedding_0064Mo Ranch Wedding_0065Mo Ranch Wedding_0066Mo Ranch Wedding_0067Mo Ranch Wedding_0068Mo Ranch Wedding_0069Mo Ranch Wedding_0070Mo Ranch Wedding_0071Mo Ranch Wedding_0072Mo Ranch Wedding_0073Mo Ranch Wedding_0075Mo Ranch Wedding_0076Mo Ranch Wedding_0077Mo Ranch Wedding_0078Mo Ranch Wedding_0079Mo Ranch Wedding_0084Mo Ranch Wedding_0081Mo Ranch Wedding_0082Mo Ranch Wedding_0083Mo Ranch Wedding_0085Mo Ranch Wedding_0086Mo Ranch Wedding_0087Mo Ranch Wedding_0088Mo Ranch Wedding_0089Mo Ranch Wedding_0090Mo Ranch Wedding_0091Mo Ranch Wedding_0092AM-3Mo Ranch Wedding_0093Mo Ranch Wedding_0094Mo Ranch Wedding_0095Mo Ranch Wedding_0096Mo Ranch Wedding_0097Mo Ranch Wedding_0098Mo Ranch Wedding_0099Mo Ranch Wedding_0100Mo Ranch Wedding_0101Mo Ranch Wedding_0102Mo Ranch Wedding_0103

Palm Door Wedding: Emily & Zak are married!

Being a proud nerd, I'm not ashamed to declare my love for science fiction & fantasy novels, so I couldn't have been happier when the best man's speech at Emily & Zak's wedding involved parallel universes.  He pointed out that every decision we make means another decision we forego, one of the biggest being marriage.  Emily & Zak decided to bind their lives together at the Chapel Dulcinea on a day that should have rained, but didn't, and then partied the night away with friends and family at the Palm Door amid twinkling lights.  That decision to become husband and wife sets them down a path together for the rest of their lives and eliminates a million other paths.  But as Kellan pointed out, the fear of not know what you're missing pales in comparison to the joy of choosing a path with the one you love. Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0001Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0002Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0003Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0004Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0005Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0006Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0007Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0008Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0009Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0010Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0011Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0012Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0013Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0014Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0015Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0016Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0017Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0018Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0022Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0020Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0021Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0023Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0024Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0019Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0025Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0026Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0027Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0028Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0029Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0030Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0031Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0032Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0033Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0034Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0035Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0037Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0038Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0039Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0040Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0041Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0042Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0043Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0044Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0045Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0046Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0047Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0048Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0049Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0050Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0051Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0052Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0053Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0054Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0055Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0056Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0057

P.S. That stunner of a cake is courtesy of the amazing Coco Paloma.


Garden Wedding: Jessie & Jason are married!

I could insert an inspiring quote about how important it is to marry your best friend or be with someone  who makes you smile, but all you really need to know about Jessie & Jason's wedding comes from something Jessie said. Halfway through laughing our way through couple's photos (and right before a bird pooped on me), she looked at Jason and said, "well, life will never be boring with you!"  And that's how they begun the great adventure of marriage together.  That and a honeymoon in a treehouse on an island.  I think their smiles will say everything else! Earl Harrison House Wedding_0001Earl Harrison House Wedding_0002Earl Harrison House Wedding_0003Earl Harrison House Wedding_0004Earl Harrison House Wedding_0005Earl Harrison House Wedding_0006Earl Harrison House Wedding_0007Earl Harrison House Wedding_0008Earl Harrison House Wedding_0009Earl Harrison House Wedding_0010Earl Harrison House Wedding_0011Earl Harrison House Wedding_0012Earl Harrison House Wedding_0013Earl Harrison House Wedding_0014Earl Harrison House Wedding_0015Earl Harrison House Wedding_0016Earl Harrison House Wedding_0017Earl Harrison House Wedding_0018Earl Harrison House Wedding_0019Earl Harrison House Wedding_0020Earl Harrison House Wedding_0021Earl Harrison House Wedding_0022Earl Harrison House Wedding_0023Earl Harrison House Wedding_0024Earl Harrison House Wedding_0025Earl Harrison House Wedding_0026Earl Harrison House Wedding_0027Earl Harrison House Wedding_0028Earl Harrison House Wedding_0029Earl Harrison House Wedding_0030Earl Harrison House Wedding_0031Earl Harrison House Wedding_0032Earl Harrison House Wedding_0033Earl Harrison House Wedding_0034Earl Harrison House Wedding_0035Earl Harrison House Wedding_0036Earl Harrison House Wedding_0037Earl Harrison House Wedding_0038Earl Harrison House Wedding_0039Earl Harrison House Wedding_0040Earl Harrison House Wedding_0041

Faythe & Mike are married!

Faythe & Mike embraced everything bright and cheerful about their spring wedding, most visible in the abundant vibrant colors, but also so apparent in their attitudes.  To me, spring always represents the hope that comes along with a new season.  The whole time that Faythe & Mike were sharing their personalized vows, I couldn't stop thinking about how a wedding is the sign of a new season in the life of a couple and a new family.  I overheard Faythe's dad joking that walking his daughter down the aisle was an easy task, but giving her away was a different matter entirely.  We always talk about the joyful moments of a wedding, but don't always acknowledge that, as with any transition, it's ok to feel the bittersweetness of another season ending.  Happily, that little bit of sadness doesn't take away from the overwhelming joy of a brand new marriage and years of experience loving each other. Bright Spring Wedding_0001Bright Spring Wedding_0002Bright Spring Wedding_0003Bright Spring Wedding_0004Bright Spring Wedding_0005Bright Spring Wedding_0006Bright Spring Wedding_0007Bright Spring Wedding_0008Bright Spring Wedding_0009Bright Spring Wedding_0010Bright Spring Wedding_0011Bright Spring Wedding_0012Bright Spring Wedding_0013Bright Spring Wedding_0014Bright Spring Wedding_0015Bright Spring Wedding_0016Bright Spring Wedding_0017Bright Spring Wedding_0018Bright Spring Wedding_0019Bright Spring Wedding_0020Bright Spring Wedding_0021Bright Spring Wedding_0022Bright Spring Wedding_0023Bright Spring Wedding_0024Bright Spring Wedding_0025Bright Spring Wedding_0026Bright Spring Wedding_0027Bright Spring Wedding_0028Bright Spring Wedding_0029Bright Spring Wedding_0030Bright Spring Wedding_0031Bright Spring Wedding_0032Bright Spring Wedding_0033Bright Spring Wedding_0034Bright Spring Wedding_0035Bright Spring Wedding_0036Bright Spring Wedding_0037Bright Spring Wedding_0038Bright Spring Wedding_0039Bright Spring Wedding_0040Bright Spring Wedding_0041Bright Spring Wedding_0042Bright Spring Wedding_0043Bright Spring Wedding_0044Bright Spring Wedding_0045Bright Spring Wedding_0046Bright Spring Wedding_0047

Park Wedding: Sarah & Patrick are married!

I think if you asked Sarah & Patrick what their perfect day would be, it would probably involve camping, Tacodeli, and hanging out all day with their favorite people in a riverside park on a gorgeous Austin spring day.  And shouldn't your wedding basically involve all your favorite things?  So that's how on a sunny spring morning, we all ended up on the banks of the Colorado River at Emma Long Park eating tacos, playing lawn games, and cheering on Sarah & Patrick's brand new marriage.  The wedding was infused with their passions and personality, with recycling reminders and tents and Patrick's colorful art.  If you ever need encouragement to just do whatever the heck you want for your wedding, just come back and look at these photos! Austin Park WeddingAustin Park Wedding_002Austin Park Wedding_003Austin Park Wedding_004Austin Park Wedding_005Austin Park Wedding_006Austin Park Wedding_007Austin Park Wedding_008Austin Park Wedding_009Austin Park Wedding_0010Austin Park Wedding_0011Austin Park Wedding_0012Austin Park Wedding_0013Austin Park Wedding_0014Austin Park Wedding_0015Austin Park Wedding_0016Austin Park Wedding_0017Austin Park Wedding_0018Austin Park Wedding_0019Austin Park Wedding_0020Austin Park Wedding_0021Austin Park Wedding_0022Austin Park Wedding_0023Austin Park Wedding_0024Austin Park Wedding_0025Austin Park Wedding_0026Austin Park Wedding_0027Austin Park Wedding_0028Austin Park Wedding_0029Austin Park Wedding_0030Austin Park Wedding_0031Austin Park Wedding_0032Austin Park Wedding_0033Austin Park Wedding_0034Austin Park Wedding_0035Austin Park Wedding_0036Austin Park Wedding_0037Austin Park Wedding_0038Austin Park Wedding_0039Austin Park Wedding_0040Austin Park Wedding_0041Austin Park Wedding_0042Austin Park Wedding_0043Austin Park Wedding_0044